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Shaking or tremors in fingers?

Hi all, 18 year old male in college, For a month or so it seems my fingers (mainly my ring and pinky finger) have been shaking when i extend them or use them for something. It's not really all that bad but there's a definite tremor there. I am under a lot of stress but it happens even when I'm relaxed. There is not,however, a tremor when i rest my hand or let my fingers curl naturally. In fact it seems to happen only when I'm lifting a finger or extending it. There are certain positions I can hold my fingers in that make it worse. So what do you think? Anything to worry about? Should I be concerned about Parkinsons? (I have no family history and I've read that Parkinsons always has a resting tremor). Anything else i should look out for or does this just sound like one of those things you don't worry about (A tall order for a mild hypochondriac and marked pessimist such as myself :-P) ?

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    Haha wow this is like looking into a digital mirror.

    I'm a 19 yo male, in university (college for you Americans:P), and have had tremors in my hands for about a year. Probably a bit less. I've been to the doctor and he was pretty dismissive, didn't think it was anything to worry about I guess. First off, Parkinson's is NOT impossible in people <30, but it's very, very rare. Yeah, if you look on Wikipedia there will be some people who developed it in their early 20s. Michael J Fox got it in his early 30s. These are simply outliers, and the odds of someone with hand tremors at 18 having Parkinson's is incredibly low. Plus, as you mentioned, you do not have a resting tremor. You'll find conflicting reports on what a resting tremor is, most notably if you read the NY Times' article on PD, where a resting tremor is defined incorrectly. How do I know this? I stupidly Googled symptoms I had. Don't do this, it solves nothing, and just makes you worry you have some random disease.

    Anyway a resting tremor will be noticeable when your hands are RELAXED at your sides. You're not contracting the muscles at all. It's not important if you have a bit of a tremor even with your hands resting, so long as you have a more pronounced tremor when your hand is extended against gravity. You can probably produce a very noticeable tremor by holding your fingers in weird positions, because you're straining the muscles. Most people don't actually do a whole lot with their fingers, so the muscles will be weak, and struggle to maintain the position. This type of tremor is usually called (benign) essential tremor. It's also known as familial tremor, because it can be inherited, unlike other common types of tremors (PD, which is typically idiopathic; MS, which causes a completely different kind of tremor, which you did not describe; medication withdrawal, particularly antipsychotics, which may sometimes be prescribed in low doses to reduce essential tremor; heroin withdrawal, which causes shaking all over). However, it's typically not inherited and just pops up. People of any age can "contract" it. I'm not even sure you have it, and I really doubt you meet the medical criteria for diagnosis. EVERYBODY has a natural physiological tremor which can become very noticeable if your arm muscles are fatigued or you've had too much caffeine. It could be you simply noticed this, or yours is slightly more pronounced than normal for whatever reason. I'm just telling you my experience and what is likely the case. You can find videos of what various tremors look like, but I advise you to stop your Googling now. Don't Google health symptoms more serious than a cold if you're prone to hypochondria.

    My advice:

    Ignore it. Yeah that's hard when you pick up a piece of paper and notice the edge is shaking, or holding a glass of water and watching the water ripple. But you know what will make your shaking worse? Anxiety. Stress. You can't reasonably expect to eliminate all sources of stress in your life, but you do not need to add to them over some stupid tremor you are blowing way out of proportion in your mind. It's not going to kill you. It's not going to cripple you. If it gets worse, you can take medication for it. I'm not a doctor, but a doctor WILL tell you there is virtually no chance you have PD or anything else bad. Stop playing games with your hands to see if they shake. Stop looking at them. I learned this advice too late and I needlessly stressed myself for months over something I know now is not a big deal. I hope you read this post and think I'm a fking lunatic for overreacting so much.

    If you're really concerned, see a doctor. See a neurologist. Expect the latter to laugh at you.

    Source(s): Too much experience with this crap.
    • Mandeep6 years agoReport

      my right hand index finger shakes for a second and the stops. I am having the same thing. I dont know what to do.

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    Finger Tremors

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    Shaking Fingers

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    This Site Might Help You.


    Shaking or tremors in fingers?

    Hi all, 18 year old male in college, For a month or so it seems my fingers (mainly my ring and pinky finger) have been shaking when i extend them or use them for something. It&#39;s not really all that bad but there&#39;s a definite tremor there. I am under a lot of stress but it happens even when...

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    It might be something to ask your doctor about. We all have some sort of thing that happens and it makes you wonder about it. Once you ask your doctor about it he can assure you what might cause it or even say it will go away in time. I have a trigger finger or two and they lock up. Sometimes a week can go by and it doesn't lock up. Strange little things that bug us. Uh?

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