for mothers who like to get out and have fun but can't because you're restraint at home with a kid?

my moms 43 and my little sisters 5 (i think :|, lol thats bad!) and when she was with her ex (my lil sis's babys dad) they used to make me babysit so they could go to the bar a lot during the week and it really pissed me off.. that was like 2-3 yrs ago, but they have broken up for awhile and my mom decided to become independent and is now going to college. and now she stays and drinks at home. im proud of her and after watching a dr. phil show today he was talking about mothers who need more "me" time so they can be a better mother and be more happy with themselves i told her she could go out tonight if she wanted to and she agreed and shes out right now. and now im starting to think whether i should offer to babysit a day or 2 out of the week so she can get out and have fun at the bar. she loves getting dressed up and going to the bar to hang out with friends. and i feel bad cause sometimes i get pissy with her when im annoyed by something and vent my anger at her a little bit. not like yelling or anything i just snap once in awhile because of personal reasons. maybe its just a teenage thing idk. and my little sister is kind of wild child and i can see my mom gets really stressed out a lot because of that. the only time she gets out of the house is every other weekend cause my little sister goes to her dads. so i was wondering how much of a relief it would have on my mom if i offered to babysit once or twice out of the week. im sure it would help out a lot. but i just want some opinions on it

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  • 10 years ago
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    I get out about once every other year. I cherish the time with my children because I know it won't last forever. I think your mom is very blessed to have you for a child, but No, I don't think she needs to go out to the bar and hang with her friends. She has children now and that should be her main priority.

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