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Temporary status for illegal Haitian immigrants?

I heard they will be given Temporary status for 18 months...but what if Obama passes the Dream act or immigration reform?They won't benefit right? So its like a trap.Instead of waiting for reform so that they can stay permanently,they're going to apply for legal status that will only last 18 months...hmmm

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    TPS means they will temporarily legalize their status, meaning that they will qualify for a work permit and a social security number, thus meaning that they will be able to work, pay taxes, qualify for driver's licenses, car insurance, health insurance, and make some money in a decent way to help their fellowman in Haiti.

    After 18 months, the government will more than likely announce that the TPS will be extended for another 18 months. In fact, every 18 months, the TPS will be extended. That means that the TPS beneficiaries (in this case, the qualifying Haitians) will pay a fee to Immigration and re-register for TPS and renew their work permit. The USA greanted TPS to Hondurans, Nicaraguans and Salvadorans in 1999 and 2001 respectively, and to this date, the Government has CONTINUED to announce their renewals every 18 months. So, Haitians will be legal for a very long time.

    THis is great news! Many will disagree, but think about it.....more people coming OUT of the shadows and working legally. Why is this bad? Is it worse to have them illegal? I think not!

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    This is great! Don't worry!.....Republicans are still pushing back on Healthcare reform, and they don't even know why, But Obama will be a while until he gets to Amnesty or the Dream you can sleep now.....LOL!

    But he will grant Amnesty because he and his administration know that it's what will get us out of the recession that Bush and the GOP got us in.

    Legalization Would Boost Economy During Recession

    Raúl Hinojosa-Ojeda writes that immigration reform is not only a human rights issue, but could give a boost to the economy even in a recession, just like the last legalization did.

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    Better hold on to your hat because it certainly looks as if Haitian immigration into the USA will become a hundred fold. The 12 million illegal aliens will certainly double easily with the borders being left unguarded by Obama.

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    There will be no reform or dream act. In this economy and election year, do you honestly think obama is going to go against the majority of American citizens. They do not want the dream act or illegal aliens being rewarded for breaking our laws. temporary just means they will not be deported right now.

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    It's great

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