Should religion be allowed in public schools?

I attend a public high school. It being public and all, religion isn't supposed to be part of anything we do. But, my school is the safest school in my state. Its so peaceful at school, no one bothers anyone. There's never a fight but maybe once or twice a year. And you never hear about some kid was caught with drugs at my school. Our principal welcomes God into our school. Alot of the teachers are openly religious. Preachers come into our class and teach us about God and His laws. The really religious teachers will have discussions about God with us after the work is done. After reading this, do you think religion should still be part of public schools? It makes going to school so much safer. I don't have to worry if I'm going to get shot today or anything, and my schools in the middle of the ghetto. (I'm white btw if you were wondering and yes its a black school) But it makes people so much more peaceful. It could help society so much!

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    10 years ago
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    Sounds like the old days when God was allowed in our schools. Too bad we kicked Him out!

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    The problem is when people are into a faith that you might not adhere to. I have a very persuasive atheist for a Comparative Religions class when I was in junior high school.

    I think comparative religion should be taught at a young age.

    We offend each other because we don't know anything about each other.

    We have to address mistakes that have been made by religion as well.

    The trick would be finding a curriculum everyone could agree upon We can't decide if Hitler truly loved Jesus and walked in his steps in Science and Relgion. Whoops, I meant Spirituality and Relgion. Atheism should be taught as well. The problem is with the Flying Spaghetti Monster and any other new faith that springs up. We would need to address that other people believe differently and hopefully not embarrass kids by asking them to tell their own belief or non belief.

    Maybe they could invite Wiccan priests, Catholics and Muslims in so kids can meet and ask questions? I can foresee that many Christians would pull their kids out of this class but that would be okay. It is still a teaching exercise. If Christians are equally represented and a nice sweet Atheist, maybe we could all learn to peacefully co exist.

  • 4 years ago

    It should be separated from the subject matter the children are taught. So no mandatory prayers or even extra time for people who want to pray. There is a separation between religion and state (in most modern countries anyway). And children should be trained to think scientifically and critically, something religion is often against. But allowing someone to wear a cross or head scarf should be allowed. It would be too much of a hassle to actually enforce rules that forbid certain types of clothing or jewelry. Also, not allowing any religion is very likely to be protested against. For example, head scarfs, hijabs and other things related to Islam are not allowed in public schools in Turkey and this is one of the most controversial subjects in politics. A lot of arguing could be avoided by just allowing it.

  • PattyM
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    10 years ago

    If this is a public school this practice is unconstitutional. Blatantly so.

    It amounts to the government endorsing a particular religion, Christianity. The first amendment says, in part, "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion".

    These practices make your school district open for a lawsuit. That is a suit the district will lose as there are plenty of precedents about practices identical to this in other districts. One complaint to the American Civil Liberties Union, Americans United for the Separation of Church and State, or any of a hundred similar organizations and the district will be out a fortune in legal fees.

    Source(s): Membership in ACLU, AU. others. US Constitution.
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    10 years ago

    Not all people follow your religion or god, therefore public schools should not be teaching or preaching a particular religion. Would you be willing for your school to teach and preach Islam? Didn't think so.

    However students are allowed to pray to themselves on their own time if they wish.

    That's the law in the US.

    And what exactly is a "black school"? I could use your logic, and attribute all of the above to the fact that it is a "black school" (whatever that means). Would that make it accurate?

    And I think you'll find that issues of bullying, sex, drugs, etc exist in private Christian schools as well as public secular schools. Also, what students do in school is not always a representative of what goes on outside of school.

    I attended a very good public high school that had very little problems with fighting or hazing - it happened once in a great while. Hazing only happened once in the 4 years I was there. Fights maybe 3 or 4 times.

    However - outside of school there were students who took and sold drugs. And there was a group of students that stole a bunch of guns and went on a rampage and broke into a golf course and tied the owner to a chair and attempted to rob the place. They're in prison now. And this was way-out-in-the-middle-of-nowhere Connecticut.

    And I really doubt your account of this supposed "perfect" school. What school is it? Where is it located?

    Source(s): agnostic atheist
  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    You are talking about two different things here.

    Will answers both things, consider I am an Atheist

    1) Its ok with me, that religion is a part of the teaching plan. But people should be free to attend that class,

    and also, there then must be a Cathilic, Christian, Muslim, etc....class for those.

    In Europa school system that is normal life at schools. I simply did not attend the religion class as an Atheist.

    2) That religion is taught on schools, has nothing to do if the school is "safe" ANY school should be safe, regardless what they teach there.


    In my humble oppinion, religion is not at all usefull nor helpfull for our modern society, and I want religion banned. why ? Do you read newspapers ? A 23 year old guy wanted to blow up that plane wtith his underwear, and the reason was he was an extremist Muslim, he believes that with blowing up a plane he is a Hero for his Allah and going to heaven, he wants that Islams rules the world, he wants to kill people who do not believe in Islam.

    and many are like him. Religion makes people kill others, because of religion.

  • 10 years ago

    That won't work in some places. In more diverse areas, both parents and students would raise hell if religion was brought into it. There are barely any fights at our school(we have had a single one this school year) and most of the student population is atheist or agnostic. Religion has nothing to do with peace.

    Another thing, you probably live in a predominantly Christian area; in Metropolitan areas there'd be a law suit over something like that. It would only help society if society believed in it.

  • 10 years ago

    Its a hard topic to allow! Not everyone believes in God and some religions they don't like for other religions to be preaching something else to the students. Parents could get involved and be upset about their children learning about other religions it's forbidden in some religions I guess you can say. Don't get me wrong there are some parents who allow it as it being ok for their kids to grow up to learn all kinds of religions.

    In some of the classes that I took, the professor just talked about Christianity in history and I kid you not people were flipping out telling him that it's wrong that it went this way and another student said no it goes that way. I was amazed to how RELIGION can make people argue.

    I do understand your point, it would be nice just so we all can grow up to LEARN about ALL religions and even those who don't believe in God... because it would make it so much easier to understand where a person comes from. We are all different and it is ok to have different beliefs but not fight over it though lol.

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  • Smile
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    10 years ago

    Why do we only have to teach about YOUR religion? If we teach religion in public schools, in order to be fair, we would have to teach everyone's religion and everyone would be confused. It would not help society, I think you pretty much exaggerated it. The school I go to is just as peaceful as yours and we are not taught about religion. Society does not need any religion to be better. Just because you go to a good religious school does not mean that society will be perfect.

    And for the record, I don't even believe you. Preaching in public school is against the law so I'm 99% sure you're lying.

  • 10 years ago

    When you speak of religion it sounds more like the school is very Christian oriented. So if you were to introduce all of the mainstream religions such as Buddhism, Judaism, Hinduism, Paganism and Islam into the picture, your school might have some difficulties. I for one am all for RELIGION being taught in high school. Not a particular religion such as Christianity, I think schools should teach about ALL religions.

    At my college they offer a humanities course, Introduction to World Religions. It was a great course, I believe that juniors or seniors in high school should be taught the basics on different world religions.

  • Hurley
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    10 years ago

    Religion affects people in different ways. But millions of people have been killed because of religion as well, Christianity being the most violent.

    But to answer your question it should not be sanctioned by a school. That is illegal for a reason. Public schools are open to people of all religions and if a school only preaches Christianity than it is hurting students of other religions and people of no religion. Also it limits learning. There is nothing religion teaches that is good for kids to learn in a school environment. The history of the Bible is incorrect, the science of the Bible is incorrect, and the morals found in the Bible are grotesquely violent and hate filled.

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