Which of the Following Great Actors Who Never Played with John Wayne Would You Have Wanted to See In the Cast?

Let's be frank: I am only a mezza mezza John Wayne fan; too many good actors had to job to him (Richard Widmark who played with him in The Alamo did not job to him, agreed that's what Wayne often did; Aldo Rey ditto). Which FIVE of these greats would you have wanted to play with/against Wayne and what would your choices bring to the table:

1. George C. Scott

2. Karl Malden

3. Lee J. Cobb

4. Steve McQueen

5. Charles Bronson

6. Lon Chaney, Jr.

7. Jack Palance

8. Burt Lancaster

9. Glenn Ford

10. Clayton Moore

11. Al Pacino

12. Lee Van Clief

13. Yul Brenner

14. Robert DeNiro

15. Clint Walker

16. Clint Eastwood

17. Alan Ladd

18. Humphrey Bogart

19. Edward G. Robinson

20. James Cagney




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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    well i am honestly put these actors down because i like them:humphrey bogart, james cagney, burt lancaster, steve mcqueen, and alan ladd. i think that is cool that you are a john wayne fan. i am too. i don't find those kind of people any more. i really like your list, full of very good actors.

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  • 3 years ago

    I had the diverse exhilaration of assembly John Wayne at NBC while he became doing a Bob wish teach. i became in can charge of continuity for a skit he became doing and he got here as much as me after the teach and thanked me for being affected person with him. I virtually fainted. i've got lived in the l. a. section for fifty one years and that i've got in no way heard a foul situation stated approximately John Wayne. From what I observed, he became a gentle,kind guy or woman. i'm no longer too useful approximately his appearing. He had stated that he merely study the traces like they have been written and observed the director's cues. it is nonetheless my dream to fulfill Maureen O'Hara before I die.

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