Has an earthquake ever hit Haiti before?

how big is Haiti.?..I'm sad for those people.

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    Earthquakes are not uncommon in that region,but one of that magnitude hasn't hit haiti for 200 yrs.

  • Haiti was a disaster before the quake.

    Now it is sad how many are dead.

    Not often here is a small amount of science opinion and a site.

    Major earthquakes are rare in this part of the world in part because the Caribbean is a minor plate, with a fault system that isn't as long as, say, the San Andreas, which is at the boundary between two of the world's largest plates – the Pacific and North American plates.

    The unusually high magnitude of Tuesday’s quake for this region is part of the reason it has likely caused enormous damage to Haiti.

  • It's not a big country, but it actually didn't affect the countryside, it'll only the capital city Port-au-Prince, which has like 3 million people. That's a large population, it's like the size of the Miami Metro area. Apparently there have been earthquakes, but not any big earthquakes since 200 years, although Dominican Republic, the neighboring country has had some earthquakes. The entire Caribbean is subject to earthquakes. They just tend to not happen that often, which means that when they do happen, they're usually big. You know Port Royal, the famed colonial town in Jamaica, where many "English pirates" used to hang, once got completely sunk into the ocean floor during an earthquake! Earthquakes can be devestating in the Caribbean islands, but they don't happen that often.

    I think it's a freak accident, since most people don't expect them, and they don't think to build earthquake-proof buildings. There are many places in the world where these kinds of big earthquakes can occur. Actually, in the 1800's, Missouri and South Carolina were rocked by some of the biggest earthquakes in U.S. history. You should look them up. The New Madrid, Missouri earthquake was one of the biggest. Also, the city of Seattle, Washington sits right on top of the Pacific fault line and is located on soft ground, which means it is very susceptible to an earthquake, which has not happened in a long time in the area. We're talking about a big city with freeways and skyscrapers. People living in these areas have to be prepared.

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    yes a earthquake has hit haiti but it was more than 200 years ago

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    Yes there have been prior earthquakes... and it is a very small country next to the Dominican Republic in Central America

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    Yes, many times. It is on a fault line.

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