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New York Jets Defense.......?

I can go for the chargers defense...but I have Thomas Jones as my RB...should I change my running back and go for the Chargers D, change my D to NYJ...thanks


I can also use the Vikings D...what do you guys think of that? Would that be best? Or should I stick with the jets?

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    Interesting question. While the Jets were a top fantasy D and the Chargers weren't, San Diego allowed fewer fantasy points to opposing Ds than any other team in the NFL. The Saints, Colts, and Vikings were #2 - 4 and the Ravens and Cowboys were also in the top ten. The Jets allowed the most fantasy points to defenses of the remaining teams. It comes down to how well you think Sanchez will play and exactly how points are earned by the D.

    The big difference between the Jets and Chargers during the regular season was in points allowed (320 Chargers vs 206 Jets). San Diego had 3 more sacks, 1 more safety and 1 more TD return than the Jets D while the Jets recovered 3 more fumbles, intercepted 3 more passes, and blocked one more kick. If you believe that the Chargers will beat the Jets, then there isn't as much difference between the two. I think the Jets are a good choice, but I'd probably play the Chargers.

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    go 4 the chargers d. i think that 4 the jets win (although i really (x4) want them 2 win) tom jones will need a huge day, but the chargers run d is pretty good n sanchez is weak so they will put pressure on him n jones at the same time keeping jones from doing anything but knowing the jets jones he should do fine, sanchez wont. he will give plenty of pts./momentum 2 the chargers. the jets might have a good pass d, but the chargers pass o is very good, n they will wreck the jets d:( so keep jones n go w/chargers d.

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    Well, for the regular season, the Jets were the number one overall defense while SD was 16. Even though SD is at home, I would still have to stick with the Jets D.

    Good luck.

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