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Rank your favorite beatles1-4? And Y? ether way they were all amazing!!?

Heres mine

1. John Lennon, he was so unique with vocals and guitar, his sound was so different from anyone ive ever heard. His vocals were the top ever aswell. I liked every song he ever played, but my favorites were dear prudence, revolution, i am the walrus, and twist and shout, had to put an early one in.

2. George Harrison, When they first started he didnt get his fair chances next to paul and john, but when he did sing he had some of the greatest songs. I think Here Comes the sun is one of the greatest songs ever! everyone knows it. I put him as the best guitarist , even though john will go down as one of the greatest, so will george except higher. And dont forget he brought the citars sound into their music. And when the band split up, and we got to here the songs he wrote that the beatles didnt play we saw how good he actually was. i think he may have been the best had he got to sing more. My favorites by him, are Here comes the sun, within you without you, and all things must pass (later released).

3. Ringo Starr, Ringo odvioulsy wasnt their best singer, but without him, theres no drums. He was also very underated in the band with all their talent, but you here this guy in the end?? Amazing!!! My favorite song by him was octopusses garden.

4. Paul McCartney, I think paul was overated, he had some many songs he sang in, and a lot of them were with john in them, and i htink john has always topped him. Paul was a great singer and still is, but he wasnt that unique like george and john. Good bass guitarist, and good singer. My favorite song by him was Blackbird.

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    I think George and John tie for number one. Lennon was so unique in almost every aspect, like you already said.

    Harrison was underrated as a songwriter and I love all of his songs. Even other members of the band said that he was the best instrumentalist of the group...and he did help bring the sitar into popular music.

    I don't think Paul was overrated. He was always a top notch songwriter, and even though I wouldn't consider him my favorite, I think he deserves all the credit he now gets as one of the greatest songwriters of all time.

    Ringo is a great, solid, and consistent drummer. Can't be beat.

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    1. John Lennon for so many reasons. I don't even know where to begin. Rest in peace doll.

    2. Ringo Starr because he is an awesome drummer and seems like a nice guy.

    3. George Harrison because he was a good singer/guitartist. Rest in peace George.

    4. Paul McCartney because in my opinion he just isn't as unique as John and the rest of The Beatles. I'm still a fan of his though.

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    1. John, he was the best at songwriting & also the most innovative.

    2. George, his contributions to the band are vastly overlooked.

    3. Paul, he has nice vocals & knows how to craft a hit song.

    4. Ringo, his musical skills were real good, but he's not too good at either singing or writing songs.

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    The beatles suck ****. Worst band ever.

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