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How can I get my hair like this?


Also,Im talking about the waviness. Not the color :)



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    Layer it to the chin. Use the tousle me softly moose from herbal essence. Brush it before you dry it. Do not scrunch it. For bangs, use a round brush(if you have one if not it's ok) put it under and pull to the desired side of your bangs while blow drying.

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    well it depends on the natural texture of your hair. My hair is pretty straight with just a little wave in it. When I get out of the shower i spray it with a 50/50 combination of sea salt and water, scrunch it a little, and let it dry naturally. When my hair is being stubborn i sometimes use a little mousse with the salt water mix. You can also try a 1 1/2 in curling iron! Just dont make the curls too tight and shake them a little bit after you are finished. :)

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    I dont know about them but to get my hair like that I braid it before i got sleep by the time i wake up its nice like that i just starighten out the ends if needed and my bangs also

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    if your hair is naturally straight then just wash your hair, and let it air dry. or braid it before you go to sleep.

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    1 decade ago

    i have my hair like that.

    when straightening it, you need to twist the ends out slightly,

    it looks like you're hair has more volume!

    i think it looks great, better than perfectly straight hair :)

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