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What is Hashish? How is it used?

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    It's Hash dude. Basically Pure THC, the active ingredient in Marijuana. You get it by extracting the THC crystals from Pot Stems, Leaves, and Shake. You can't smoke Leaves, Seeds, or Stems, it won't get you high, but it will give you a migraine. Bubble Hash is amazing, it gets you really, really blazed, but that all depends on the Marijuana Strain it's coming from. You smoke it through a Pipe, or Bong (a waste of hash, pipe is the best). Your supposed to crush up the hash, and mix it with your weed, but that sucks. You get much higher if you just smoke a Rock of Hash all by itself out of a pipe. If it bubbles, you'll know it's really good hash. If it crumbles, get your money back, because someone sold you some really crappy hashish.

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    I don't believe it will make someone turn to heroin just because they have smoked weed, but some like to say that to warn kids away from any type of illegal drugs, i think anyway. I have known people who smoked weed when they were young and a few have ended up on heroin, but i know of alot more people who just used weed, and never used heroin. I think it is all down to the individual and what choices they make. I grew up knowing the dangers of heroin and strong drugs and i never dared to even look at the stuff never mind have some, but some of my old school friends have gone on to become heroin addicts. (there is alot of drug abuse where i live in my area) I think that more needs to be done to make our kids of the future realise just how bad heroin and other class A drugs really are. It's a shame when kids make stupid choices and find it too hard to say no. And as for weed not being addictive like some of you say, How many people do you all know who could give it up for good? I know alot of people who gave smoking tobacco up, My ex came off heroin and stayed clean up this present day, nearly 7 years, but i have yet to meet anyone who has given weed up for good.

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    It's marijuana and is used illegally

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    its a very potent drug

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