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Are BIOS chips often interchangeable in different mfr motherboards w/ same chipset?

Sorry if this is a dumb question, but

If you have two motherboards from different manufacturers, say an Intel and something obscure, like a discontinued Soyo, and they happen to have the same chipset, can you use the bios chip in one to replace that in the other, if you flash the BIOS after the swap? Or are BIOS chips typically more custom fit to the board itself? Or further still, am I unlikely to find two different mfr motherboards w/ identical chipsets?

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    The BIOS is customized for the motherboard's exact design.

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    You are playing with fire. BIOS is desing to work on the specific model of motherboard in order to identify each hardware piece of the motherboard(pci express slots, video, sound...etc). its a real bad idea doing swap from a different model. people flash the bios in order to "hack" its performance, but its also risky and doesnt improve that much the performance

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    yeah, each manufacturer has different settings. they won't match; even same manufacturer and same chipset but different models will have different settings

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