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Why don't a lot of vegans/vegetarians like PETA?

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    Speaking as a vegetarian working on being vegan, here are my thoughts. Generally I agree with MOST of Peta's beliefs, however many times they give vegans and vegetarians a bad name by being fanatical and overboard. I think they make great arguments and have great information to pass along, but sometimes I feel they go about it in the wrong way. For example, recently in my community their were Peta members picketing and harassing dads and their little boys fishing off of a pier. I personally hate fishing and I think it's cruel, but to harass a kid and his daddy spending time together? There are much bigger fish to fry - no pun intended. Go picket commercial fisheries, fish farms, Long John Silvers - whatever. Point being, those type of Peta members make the rest of us veggies look like jerks. That's just one small example of why some vegans/vegetarians don't like Peta.

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    PETA started out with good intentions. I first became aware of them when I discovered what was being done to animals in cosmetics testing. However, they have become radical and extremist as others have stated. I am not a vegetarian, but I have seen some of their "scare" films. They take the worst cases of cruelty and mistreatment and hold that up as the norm. Both of my grandfathers were dairy farmers, and their barns and the living conditions of the animals were nothing like what was shown. Farmers who mistreat their animals should be prosecuted as the law allows.

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    They're hypocrites. And I don't like the way they try to force their opinions on others. They demonize anyone and everyone who eats meat and I don't think that's right. I would LOVE if everyone in the world stopped eating meat, but unlike PETA I can think realistically and know that's not gonna happen anytime soon. I don't think people who eat meat are EVIL. I may not agree with it but they're entitled to their opinions and choices. PETA needs to comprehend that.

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    The way they practice their ideas and beliefs is too extremist for most vegetarians and vegans. I mean, they have good info on foods you can eat and how to become a vegetarian or vegan but the way they like to go about things is just too different to the excepted idea.

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    I like them a great deal better than their detractors.

    The Anti-PETA PR campaign has been very successful.

    Financed by the meat industry, it was waged by The Center for Consumer Freedom - an organization which has fought against the Humane Society of the United States, Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, the Center for Science in the Public Interest, Mothers Against Drunk Driving, Greenpeace, and other public interest organizations.

    They campaigned against raising the drinking age, lowering the legal blood alcohol level, and prohibiting smoking in restaurants, before taking on vegetarians.

    Currently, Richard Berman, the head of the company, is championing the rights of the poor downtrodden payday loan businesses.

    Obviously, anyone on the side of predatory lenders MUST be the good guy....

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    PETA does little to help animals - the don't run refuges, they aren't involved in conservation, they aren't involved in habitat restoration, rejuvenation or protection. Heck they don't even run shelters.

    All peta does is make vegetarians look crazy.

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    im a vegetarian, i like their cause, but i hate their efforts. its stupid. they are too fanatical for what they are trying to accomplish.

    just a couple weeks ago in Utah they went for about nine months to the Univerity of Utah animal testing facility nad tried to collect evidence of abuse, they only got about two minutes of tape in that nine months.

    what they really should be doing is trying to figure out a way to get stray dogs and cats and other animals homes.

    my sister works at the U of U and she straight up said that the animals they have, are all from the pound and streets.

    WOW peta needs to open their eyes.

    PS. U of U isnt hurting any animals. they are all very well kept. my sister would have quit if they were horrible - she loves animals. jsut like i do.

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    Well, I'm a vegetarian and I don't like PETA at all.

  • While I don't doubt they get things done and raise awareness about issues, I really don't like their tactics. They've been doing the "I'd rather go naked than wear fur" for I don't know how long, and people are STILL WEARING FUR (snarl). They use sex to try to sell their message, but I think people pay more attention to the medium than the message. Their latest campaign is worse--using naked women to bring attention to the issue of spaying and neutering? Come on!

    There are plenty of groups who have a great message and do great work without the tactics PETA uses. I'd rather support them.

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    Because of this....

    I'm a vegetarian (trying 2 go vegan) and i was so shocked when i found out about this...

    I used to LOVE Peta, and know.... i can't believe an animal's rights group kills poor defenseless animals...

    it just makes us look bad now and hypocritical...

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