My plot for Back to the future Part IVand V. what do you guys think? What would your plot be?

This would pribaly been ideal part for Michael fox to play for a Part 4 and 5.

It's 2045. Global Warming has effected the earth. Hill Valley is now a run down community and Biff's great grandson has near enough total control of the USA, which is mystery. He makes people his slaves and tortures them. Also Tannen has control of most of the law enforcements. Seventy sevn year old Marty (MJF) is plagued by nightmares and images of his time travelling sixty years earlier(Doc shot by the Libyans/ 1985-A, burning school, George'a gravestone/ Marty almost disappearing at the school dance in 1955/ Marty's stand off with Buford Tannen tec). It's all too much for him to take. He hasn't seen Jennifer, nor his twin son and daugher for nearly 25 years. All he has is a picture of himself, Dave and Linda, as seen in Part 1. And a picture of himself, Jennifer, Marlene and M Junior in 2015. Marty begins to wonder if this is the correct future, he's supposed to be living in and hasn't seen Doc for nearly 60 years. Marty thinks he's been led astray and his whole life since 1985, has been a lie. And with the help of a young teenager, begins to investigate in the limited resources of a wrecked Hill Valley.

Eventually as the story progresses, it is revealed the FBI in 1985, realised why Doc took the Plutonium/ using also the evidence of the wreckage on Easwood Ravine and serectly got scientists to build their own time institute underground. But the changes of the this bad future, had nothing to do with governments project. Somebody else got access to the secrets and stole a time machine creating vast changes in different time periods. The different changes in time eventually rip holes in the space time continuum(sort of like oblivion gates on 'oblivion' xbox 260) and people/creatures accidently go to different time periods (Dinosaurs, mammouths/ Historical people, Nazi's, rockstars etc, also the years from the previuos trilogy would also have an impact, 1885, 1955, 1985 and 2015). It needs to be fixed somehow or the universe will be destroyed.

Michael J Fox could paly a 77 year old version of himself. Have a limited time in the film, but still be the main part of the story.

Christopher Lloyd could still make an appearance.

Johnny Depp could play his Forty seven year old son M Junior.

Kirsten Dunst could play forty sevn year old Marlene.

Claudia Wells/ E shue either could reprise their roles as a 77 year old Jennifer.

Maybe L thompson/ C glover/ T F Wilson could feature as their olderselves from different time periods.

How about Jules and Verne?/ Mary Steenburgen?

What about the plot? What would your plot be?

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    Its a nice effort, but you're missing the direction and reason for the first three Back To The Futures. It was fun and adventurous with a LITTLE bit of timetraveling through provoking plots... it was not meant to be over analytical and complicated.

    I don't have any ideas for any new BTF's... the first three are just fine as they are.

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