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Is Scott Brown the beginning of the end for the Obama agenda?

Scott Brown is up by 4 points, with a 3rd party conservative candidate taking 3+% of the vote in Massachusetts of all places, for Ted Kennedy's former Senate seat.

If you don't live here, you have no idea how huge of an upset this is. Say goodbye Dems. You're toast


The Arrogant Elitist Liberal Machine is crumbling before our eyes!

Don't ya just LOVE it

Update 2:

I'm sure the Democrats will pull out their book of dirty tricks and voter fraud, but I think we can still overcome that.

Update 3:

Obama is not coming to MA, as I think he knows the race is lost, and doesn't want to be embarrassed AGAIN, like in NJ and Virginia

Update 4:

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    If Brown wins this seat it will send such a message to those that voted for the health care bill I honestly think when the final vote comes many will change their votes and the bill will fail...Brown winning this seat could stop the health care bill even if he doesn't get to vote on it, ain't that a hoot.

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    Yes. He's feeling so secure he warned Obama to stay away. "With national attention focusing on the race, Brown issued a stern warning to Obama, cautioning him to "stay away" from Massachusetts." In the same article are these two paragraphs: "Polls indicate Brown, a state senator, and Coakley are locked in a virtual tie to fill the late Sen. Ted Kennedy's seat. A Rasmussen poll released Wednesday found that 49 percent of likely voters prefer Coakley, while 47 percent back Brown.

    A BMG/Research 2000 poll of likely voters released Thursday showed Coakley with a 49-41 percent lead. But The Rothenberg Political Report, a leading political forecaster in Washington, on Thursday declared the Massachusetts race a "toss-up." The special election is Tuesday. "

    So I'll wait till Tuesday to proclaim the Democrats mortally wounded, especially with all the Republicans in the Senate and House who have announced they won't be running in November.

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    If Scott Brown loses, it sounds like the third party conservative will be responsible.

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    No. One election never indicates a trend. Talk to us when the GOP gets a majority in the House or Senate. Failed question.

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    Let's hope so. It is important for the citizens of Mass. to protect our freedom as they did 200 years ago.

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    No. Come Tuesday, it will be the Republican Party wondering how the hell they are going to deal with the Tea Party.

    Source(s): EDIT: News flash, O bama will be going to Mass.
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    I sure hope so! We need Obama out of the White House or at least stop his destructive ways.

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    Yes! This will scare the fool out of the dems in Congress.

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    I hope so. Praise the Lord and Palin.

  • I had no idea the election was today.

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