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Anonymous asked in Home & GardenCleaning & Laundry · 1 decade ago

Are the Dyson vacuums as good as they say?

I am looking to buy a Dyson vacuum. I was looking at the Dyson "pet" version w/ the ball. Just wanted to know if they live up to the hype and are worth the money.I am soooo tired of buying vacuumes that don't "suck' like they are supposed to or lose their effectiveness after a few months. Thanks for the input!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Dyson has rated high despite the common complaints about heavy weight, awkward controls, hard-to-find replacement parts and breakdowns, most owners say the extra cost was worth it ($500). BUT....what most people don't realize or even think about until they own their first BAGLESS vacuum is the dust and particles that go in the air and all over the place when you go to empty them and the constant cleaning of the air filters that give you that great suction. You will spend more time cleaning up after each time you empty and knocking the dirt off air filters or even replacing them, than you ever will by just changing a bag. I've owned both and I will NEVER own a bagless vacuum again! If you have allergies you definitely don't want a bagless vac.

    Everyone raves about the lightweight and I have a bad back so lightweight is ideal for me, but it doesn't matter how lightweight it is, a vac on the stairs is still a pain in the butt. I think consumers have gotten lazy when it comes to research as there are a few high quality vacuums on the market that you cant find at your local Wal-Mart or Best Buy, that do a BETTER job and you get a ton of extras with. I just bought over the holidays an Oreck and I paid the same price as you would a Dyson but I got so much more! A 10 year warranty, 5 year, yearly maintence and checkup, 35 bags, a cordless car vac that is the best I ever owned, and cordless mini-vac that works on tile, wood, ceramic, you name it and is also amazing as it comes with attachments and actually sucks up stuff, and I got this lightweight shoulder vac with attachments that is great for stairs, celings, small areas, any type of floor but it's small and easy to use. And of course I got the vac that is lightweight and has an automatic pull system so I'm not pushing and hurting my back.

    I got ALL of that for $500 and I get to make payments so I'm not coughing up that much all at once. You cant get that with a Dyson. All you get is the vac and the box it came in. Oreck also has cheaper models, some less than $150, that still come with more than the Dyson and work better. Dyson is a popular fad because of it's unique design and clever marketing, but it doesnt back up the brand like a few other vac companies do. Sure you can take it back to the store but then what? Look at the value and what you get, not the popularity and availability. I got my Oreck within a week after I order it and there are several Oreck stores in my town I can take my vac in to for any issue and I dont pay ONE PENNY because of the warranty. The bags are easy to remove and install and I dont have dirt and dust flying all over the place when I change them. I dont have stupid filters to remove and clean and I have amazing suction and power to do the job and my carpets look great when I use it. I would check out their Web site before you head to the store.

  • 5 years ago

    The biggest problem with the previous models of Dyson Vacuum Cleaners was the poor battery life. That has been greatly improved in two ways. This model of Dyson Vacuum Cleaners has doubled the battery life and it has a better charger. It is so easy to grab and use, we were able to keep corners clean, crumbs out of the grout lines in the furniture, computer keyboards clean, drawers clear of all that little stuff that seems to get in them, particularly the 1m by 1m mess the husband makes during the football games. 30 seconds with this vacuum and the mess is gone. We also use this for a quick vacuum of the couch. Also great for anywhere our in-home can't reach (like the stairs).

    In short the house was just cleaner in multiple ways that are normally challenging. We loved the trigger on/off action that made its short battery life tolerable and the dependable strong Dyson power, plus the easily dump able canister is really convenient.

    The Dyson DC31 is somewhat smaller in the line of Dyson Vacuum Cleaners, lighter weight and quieter, plus has a dual power setting. The normal power setting is fine for most things; in fact we haven't needed the strong setting at all except to get dog hair out of the crevices of the stair treads.

    The DC31 of Dyson Vacuum Cleaners is designed to give 6 to 10 minutes of constant suction which we have found to be the right amount of time to pick up small amounts of dust and debris around the home or in the car.

    This 10 minute run time is longer than it seems because the trigger action means the unit is on only when you're squeezing the trigger to actually vacuum something, not when moving to another location or shifting position. That's not only easier on the ears, it also makes the work go more smoothly. You can vacuum an area, then set the unit down (because it sits upright it has a relatively small footprint) and move stuff, clean out the next drawer, sort the papers you gathered, whatever, and then vacuum the next bit without any pressure to get all the vacuuming done in one shot, or perpetually turning the thing on and off.

    We've been able to clean out and vacuum the entire car including the 'way back', a process that certainly took longer than 10 minutes, but because the vacuum is not on continually we had no problem, in fact it shows no indication it's near the end of the charge. We can clean out all the kitchen drawers or the entire linen closet or all the nooks and crannies in a room on a charge with no problem.

    On a rare occasion when using the Dyson Vacuum Cleaners keeps shutting off, when pressing the ON switch it comes back on again. This indicates that the DC31 battery may require a charge. This simply is what happens to your DC31 since it is designed to never fade in its power but to stop when the battery is close to requiring a re-charge. Your DC31 will cut the power and then can sometimes start up again for a small burst. This is our "no-fade" technology at work. You should be getting 6-10 minutes on a full charge.

    The Dyson DC31 doesn't have a bulky charger like the old one. It has a plug-in cord like a laptop and apparently some technology in the wall plug part that somehow knows to shut itself off after 3.5 hours so it's not 'tiring' the fully charged battery. We are expecting this battery to last far longer than the earlier model. This vacuum also has a quicker on/off time and generally seems handier.

    The directions are minimal and almost entirely pictures. They are well done and self-explanatory. So far we are delighted with this hand vacuum. It is better than its predecessor. It comes with a normal length crevice tool, in addition to a two-position brush tool. We also purchased the longer flexible crevice tool, but have found it heavy and awkward so we almost never use that accessory. We love this little Dyson hand vacuum cleaner so much more than the other choices available (several of which we have tried in the past) and highly recommend it even given the high price.

  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    The Dyson vacuum cleaners are heavy and expensive. While you save on dustbags, you will have to empty the dust-compartment by hand.

    Dyson vacuum cleaners are also not particularly energy efficient. James Dyson is even arguing for Britain to leave the EU because his tecnology struggles with the stricter energy standards to be introduced in 2017. Dyson is not a Ukip man and he wants to keep the free movement of good and people, he only doesn't want the energy efficiency standards.

    Source(s): James Dyson on a BBC Radio 4, Today programme on 21/Nov/2014 at about 8:26 am.
  • 1 decade ago

    I have a DC01 which must for 15+ years old. Still working fine and sucks like no other machine. No bags...great idea. I hear newer ones suck even better.

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