What has Mexico done to help Haiti earthquake victims?

Finding out help Mexico has done

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    Mexico has already sent 2 army planes, one with 20 Ton. of food, medicine and water and are on their way two big ships full of food, medicine and water, doctors, 3 groups of high experienced and trained rescuers that have been trained since the earthquake in 1985. Part of one of the ships is a ready to use hospital. Bedised Mexican Red Cross is gathering hundreds of tons of products, and ive seen lots of diapers, baby formula, toillet paper, medicines, food, water, and medicines. Also groups of doctors and nurses. Besides at the Haitian Embassy in Mexico City are gathering tons of products too all types. Also 8 mdd have already been donated. Still missing the private contributions.

    Mexico City people really know what a tragedy for an earthquake is and we solidarize with whoever can suffer from a tragedy like this.

    Source(s): www.noticierostelevisa.com.mx, www.eluniversal.com.mx, www.reforma.com.mx
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    I would like to know how much Oprah Winfrey has donated to Haiti. How about Russell Simmons or Bill Cosby. How about Jay Z, Beyonce, Will Smith, Tyra Banks, etc. And I don't mean appear at a fundraiser and get other people to donate. How much have they themselves donated. That's who should be helping Haiti. Instead you have people here demanding that other poor people do all the donating. Rich blacks need to step up.

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    what have my country done?

    let me tell:

    sending aircrafts with medicine equipments, doctors, rescue teams, water, food, clothes, ships with medical equipment and more needs for Haitians.

    also 8 millions usd, lots of enterprises, public and private organizations and civilians that have gave at least a little bit of money and other things.

    we,ve been suffered this disaster, in 1985 it was a 8.1 earthquake and many countries helped, it´s the least we can do for helping and mexicans are really generous and my compatriots have a mighty heart, we don´t care that Haiti rejected our help because of the flu before, we´re still sending a lot of help because solidarity doesn´t have borders and a lot of people is suffering, so what have you done to help? because you question sounds a little despective, hope it´s not the case.

    Source(s): mexican girl
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    Only in Mexico City's Red Cross Headquarters 560 tons of help have been gathered by mexicans.

    Plus almost every city has at least one help center.

    Myself, I donated 100 bottles of watter.

    Mexican navy today dispached a hospital ship, with doctors, rescue teams, a ambulance helicopter. plus law enforcement personnel and 200 tons of help

    On Monday, a second and larger ship will depart with an estimated 1400 tons of help

    The mexican goverment has donated 8 million USD

    several state goverments are seending their own rescue personnel. Telmex the largest telephone company in the country, has put a service so you can donate between 100 and 500 pesos (8 - 45 USD), for every Peso donated by its customers, Telmex will put another one.

    Some mexican congressman are paying by themselves a plane tickets so more rescue workers can make it to Haiti.

    The mexican embassy in Haiti is helping mexican plus central american citizens to reach their families or flight them back to their country by the Mexican Air Force

    So considering that we have our own problems and a deep recesion, I consider that we are doing our best to help our brothers and sisters from Haiti.

    We still have the memory from the 1985 earthquake, that showed us how bad things can get.

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    Here's an article about the Latin American response to the earthquake:


    Also, Haitians living in Mexico are organizing relief efforts. I can't access the link to that article--I work in a high school and for some reason it's blocked (but our filters block just about everything.)

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    One of the Spanish networks this morning showed The Mexican Red Cross loading up trucks with water & medical supplies headed for Haiti. They are definitely doing their part in this.

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    Mexicans are decent people so I'm not knocking them. That said, AS USUAL, the leader in sending aid and assistance is and will be the U.S. The U.S. has technical capabilities few, if any, others have.

    Of course, it won't take long for many to whine about Americans either not doing enough or trying to interfere in Haitian affairs.

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    Source(s): El universal newspaper
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    the earthquake only happened a few days ago, i guess they might help afterall they had assistance when their big one struck.

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