How does Noam Chomsky always slaughter his opponents in debates?

I was watching the famous Noam Chomsky debates on youtube today (they have more than a million views combined) with Dershowitz, Pearle, etc. and wondering what rhetorical devices Chomsky uses to make his opponents look like veritable fools! how does he do it? how can one man know so much?
Update: Scaerd: LOL, now you're just being libelous. I'm a grad student in math and we're certainly not reticent with Chomsky-ian proofs. He hasn't revolutionized linguistics, as one commenter put it, but philosophy itself.
Update 2: Scaerd: Is it true that Chomsky quiets opposing linguists? I've only had one class that dealt with linguistics, Language and Power with Professor Kramsch at Berkeley, and she said she was run out of MIT by Chomsky!
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