What are the definition of "Working assumption" and "Core assumption"?

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    A working assumption is one that is used as a pragmatic necessity, or one which is used in construction of a theoritical argument. If you can use tight logical steps to get from an assumption to something that's clearly false, then that your have proved that the "working assumption" was false. On the other hand, if you start something with an assumption that you believe is at least partially true, and use that assumption as part of doing the work, the results can tell you that you used a good assumption, or that your assumption needs to be modified, or that your assumption was flat wrong, depending on the outcome as the work proceeds. Such a working assumption should be considered frequently, and adjusted as needed. A working assumption on a project plan might be "Harry can do the work twice as fast as Joe. Sometimes it may be only the same speed, sometimes it may be 3 times the speed. As the job progresses, the project manager can adjust the figure as needed, and by doing so can more accurately predict when the job will be finished, or other related things needed to manage a project.

    On the other hand, a core assumption is one that is central, or very important in either a logical argument or a critical assumption made in a pragmatic situation. Usually there is a high degree of confidence in a core assumption, and usually that core assumption doesn't need to be examined very much. a core assumption might be that the force of gravity is a constant. This isn't really precisely true, scientifically, but for practical purposes on the surface of the earth, it is very very close to true, and could be a usable assumption for a project like designing a building.

    Source(s): Courses in logic, physics, math, and such.
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    working assumption based on theoritical arguments and core assumption is like logical argument

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    Can anyone tell what is the correct answer for this question?

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