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個性優缺點 翻譯成英文

可以把以下的中文翻成英文嗎?p.s.不要翻譯機直翻的 謝謝











因為有點急需 所以麻煩各位幫忙:) 謝謝

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    1. I am open-minded and can accept different opinions.

    2. I am always eager to learn new things.

    3. I am a great team player

    4. I have excellent communication skills.

    5. I am a self-motivated person who always maintains a positive attitude

    in the workplace.

    6. I am not very good at express myself.

    7. I am not a very active learner.

    8. I sometimes make mistakes because I do not pay enough

    attention to details.

    9. I cannot perform my best when I am not well organized.

    10. Sometimes I am too sensitve and cannot stay calm to do things

    in a consistent way.

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    1. Listens to reason modestly

    2.Deeply loves studies the new thing

    3.Has the good team cooperation ability

    4.Has the good communication ability

    5.Optimistic enterprising

    6.Individuality introversion

    7.Passive learner

    8.Ponder not meticulous, easy careless

    9.Works without the plan, does not play a card according to the sign principle


    The mood fluctuates in a big way, constantly changing

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    1.The open mind receives an education

    2.Have a passion for to learn new thing

    3.There are good teams cooperating ability

    4.Have good communication ability

    5.Optimism is enterprising

    6.The personality is introverted

    7.Passive learner

    8.Consider not enough careful, easily careless

    9.Work to have no programme, don't press the card to manage a card

    10.The emotion rises and falls greatly, constantly changing

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