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[急]請幫我翻譯 中→英









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    (1) takes a lunch box. On box middle berth cellophane. Puts in the glutinous rice directly.

    (2) pours into the pig blood mixes evenly. Causes each grain of rice to stain the blood. Presses the even grain of rice with the spatula. Causes the surface to be smooth. Puts again for a half hour.

    (3) (1) puts in the procedure in the electric saucepan to steam the approximately 1 hour. After the switch jumps, cooks in a covered vessel a half hour later again takes out slivers the scrap. Puts the coriander then.

    (4) may depend on likes moistening the food flower peanut meal or the sweet hot sauce.

    This is the night market snack which I most like eating, although his name looks like is very fearful, but is actually the delicacy.

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