Dying over bleached hair?

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Okay, so i bleached my hair at home. Stupid idea, I know. No need to tell me. I did it today. My hair is sponey and the ends are breaking off. The hair is NOT falling out. I work ...show more
Update : The tips are breaking off, my hair (like from the roots down) isnt ...show more
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  • Devon answered 4 years ago
it's not falling out, but the ends are breaking off? so it is falling out then. go to a salon. You need a cut because there is no way to repair hair that has been stripped of keratin. You will be lucky if hair color will even stay in your hair without it pulling a heavy ash tone and looking green. You need to start with a filler then cover with permanent color. The stylist will now how to fix it.


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  • SheisGLAM answered 4 years ago
    Well go for a dark brown. And remember to CONDITION your hair after. like leave it on for 5 to 10 minutes you can find a good deep conditioner at sallys. Dont straighten your hair with heat for now because your hair so weak right now. Try putting it in BIG rollers that should get it pretty straight belive it or not.
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  • babygurlcmd8869 answered 4 years ago
    babe your hair is fried one that's why its breaking. if you dye right away its gonna get worse, and your gonna have to get it cut really short but if your gonna do it any way the best way i can tell you is first try a blonde shampoo like bed heads purple shampoo it will take the orange out (it may take a few time washing it depending on how orange it is). then use a semi permanent dye in stead of a permanent. (there is no ammonia in those so it wont fry your hair more). then use a deep conditioning hair mask and sleep with it over night.(wet you hair out it in wrap you hair with a plastic bag and rinse it out in the morning) after a week it would be safer th dye your hair a permanent color. but really save your hair hun. i really hate when i have clients come in after completely frying their hair and i have to chop off at least 6 inches.

    good luck
    hair stylest in tx
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  • (:Danny:) answered 4 years ago
    well if its for tomorrow theres really not a lot of things to do but tie your hair and wear a hat. seriously, maybe you could buy a brown dyer or a light colour semi-permanent dyer and thatd do the trick.,
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  • Ana answered 4 years ago
    okay i one time i went to the hair salon and the lady mest up my hair!!! she over bleached it!!! so my hair ends kept breaking. it was horrible. so everyone told me to just leave it and not make it worse. but since you want to dye it back so bad try to do something not so harsh that will still give you the affect you want. maybe henna or a temparary dye [there not as harsh on hair]. I really hope i helped
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  • boxermom answered 4 years ago
    you will want to use a demi-permanent color, it has a low ammonia content and therefore will not damage your hair further. if your hair is a shade of orange you will want to get a color that has a touch of Violet in it to cancel out the Orange, so an ash color would work or if you would like a slight red tint then a neutral would be just fine. if it is fairly light you can do one of two things, get enough color to process it twice or apply a paler version of the color you want and then apply the darker color on top or rinse, dry and reapply either way you will have to process it twice. if you think of your hair color like a ladder pale blond on the bottom and black on the top, if you try to jump too many rungs your end result will not be what you want. but if you take it just a couple rungs at a time you will end up with a perfect result. after coloring you may want to also apply a conditioner and allow it sit a while and that will help some of your extreme dryness. I hope you get your perfect result.


    I am a cosmetology instructor
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  • xXBeeZombiexX answered 4 years ago
    try using herbal essenice long term relaship break stuff it work for me
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