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What workouts/sports cant you do with the balance board for EA sports active More workouts?

I know you can use the balance board for ea sports active more workouts. I know there is waterskiing and stuff. Do you need the balance board for that? and what other games do you need the balance board for?

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    I saw your question yesterday when I was searching for similar questions. I just bought it today and only used it for a few minutes so far, but here is what I see that you can use the balance board for:

    water skiing

    paddle surfing

    sparring and combo station

    step aerobics (9 different types)

    push ups

    But if you don't have a balance board, they also made each one of those activities possible without it too. You can choose the activity with or without the balance board.

    There are a ton of other activities in there too that do not use the balance board (you don't have an option to use it, they made the activity only without.)

    Looks fun! I'm going to play it more later but I just tried it for a few minutes to see what it all had. Honestly, even after the five minutes I felt it!

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    i could extremely prefer to work out EA activities energetic extra exercises in the previous I section solid funds for it. the unique is a fatally unsuitable product, that's probable why EA have rushed this out! interior the unique EA activities energetic, to make the exercises pass, you are able to desire to instruct off lots of the activates and you are able to desire to apply female coach. The male coach is so monotone he's infuriating! different titles to seem at are UbiSofts My wellbeing coach and My wellbeing coach aerobic work out/Gold wellbeing club (same pastime in distinctive dominions).

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