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Did Dale Earnhardt Sr ever finish a season 25th or worse?

Jr nation insists that Jr's career is keeping pace with JJ, JG, TS, and MM, and even have gone on to say that Dale Sr was not doing better at the same point in his career than what Jr is.

So this begs the question: Has Dale Sr ever finished a cup series in 25th or" worse" place? If not than it blows the "Jr is keeping pace" theory out of the water.

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    Good point! OOH! That'll tell em KNOW IT ALL. lol ... Look at driver accomplishments on Jayski. Kyle has about 8 accomplishments including youngest and fastest to reach that many wins. JR has ZERO.

    Insert coin and try again.

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    Dale Sr never finished worse than 12th in the final point standings, but he was a top legend during his time in the sport. Dale Jr is just another good driver that can win a race here and there and also have down years similar to the ones Jeff Burton had from 2002-2005. But I've never seen anyone with talent just completely flop like Jr did in 2009, maybe Terry Labonte in 2001, 2002 and 2004 but he was already a proven champion and was ending his career. Dale Jr should be in his prime right now, he's still only 35.

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    Funny you should mention that, I just did a big project on NASCAR, and Dale only ever finished outside the top 25 5 times in his cup racing career. They were his first four season, none of which were full time, and his final tragic season. I have mapped Dale Sr.'s entire career while looking for trends among other NASCAR champions, if you want, I can whip up a Dale Jr. career trend and send them to you. Just let me know!

    Also, this question is just going to bring the Kyle haters out again, just saying.

  • cottle
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    For years i strengthen right into a bill Elliott fan. in spite of the undeniable fact that Dale made me offended extra suitable than as quickly as I continually had appreciate for him and for how he made it into racing. on the instant whilst i think of of him I smile by way of fact he did lots for this game and at the back of the curtain too. he will continually stay in the hearts and minds of genuine racing followers and has claimed his seat in the winners circle of NASCAR heaven. on the instant as quickly as I watch his son rigidity I see Sr's coaching and why he under no circumstances gave jr something however the call. Like maximum of super drivers from years long exceeded with the aid of Sr will continually be remembered. So particular i think of approximately him... He strengthen into extremely super.

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    In a full season? No, Senior has never placed any lower than 12th. But because the competition was not as tight as it is today, one could make the argument that 12th place back then equates the modern-day 25th.

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    He finished twelfth twice, and that's worst he ever did in a full season..

    I never heard anyone compare the two Earnhardt's driving records.. Makes me wonder who you hang out with..

    Nobody compares Dale's driving record to Ralph's driving record, do they??

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    Don't think so.

    What's this question got to do with Kyle Busch? lol.. @ the Jr. fans that are so obsessed with him they just HAD to mention his name in a question that has NOTHING to do with him.

    Must be closet KB fans that are too afraid to leave the "nation" out of fear of the shaming tactics, name calling and belittling that takes place when a member tries to defect.

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  • 2012SS
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    Sr. finished worse than 25th in 2001 so yes Jr. is a FLUKE!

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    You know, it is a sign that you are have a hollow personality, and can't think for your self when your name is "Jrh88tr". Essentially, it means you need to use other people's popularity to be noticed. It shows a complete lack of thought. Then again, your questions do as well.

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    How many dumb *** questions can you ask in a row?Can you talk about anything else than Jr moron?You don't no anything about Jr Nation so quit acting like you do and go have some M&MS with your loser friends.Wow and you wonder why no one likes you. Grow a set and suck it up.

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