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Girl who can't dance?

I'm very enthusiastic, I love going out and dancing, but I know I look like a ****. Now I'm kind of ok with that, I'd rather dance and be made fun of, than not. But I wonder if it matters to other people. If you're a guy, does it matter to you if a girl can't dance? If you're a girl, does looking stupid bother you? What about romantically for both sexes?

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    I pretty much just do it anyway. What's life if you don't live it to the fullest? I'm not too great of a dancer either, but I do it anyways because it's fun and it's what I want to do, not what others expect of me. Life's too short to care what people think of you. I'm sure the other girls won't care, and if they think anything of it, they'll be jealous of how confident you are in yourself. And as for the guy, if he's that shallow, he wasn't worth your time to start with. And I'm sure a guy will find it hot that you can just be your goofy self.. It shows you're confident & low maintenance, both big pluses for the guy.

    Sorry if I came on a little too strong here. I feel pretty strongly about this. Ha-ha.

    I hope I helped!


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    I believe there is no such thing as "can't dance". Unless you don't have limbs. Dancing comes in all sorts of forms and as long as it's with the rhythm it's okay. Even the coolest moves out there are no good if it isn't with the rhythm of the music. If you are looking to learn certain kinds of moves, you can find all kinds on youtube. In end it's a form of self expression and no matter how "bad" it is it's nothing to be ashamed of. You improve by practicing. Being a guy, in dancing it is up to the male to lead and if there is a mistake made, it's always the guy's fault anyway. But hey, dancing isn't meant to stress, it's meant to have fun.

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    if it helps you any, i love dancing but totally suck at it too. and although i feel kinda stupid, i say screw it and i do it anyway. (:

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