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Do you honestly believe that Pat Robertson thought an earthquake happaned in the Greek Underworld?

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We all know the insensitive bigoted statement Mr. Robertson made about God sending an earthquake to punish the people of Haiti. However, his "retraction" of that statement was a billion times WORSE! It was a complete JOKE. "Haiti? I thought they said 'Hades'. For the life of me, I thought God was punishing Hades, which does in fact have a pact with the Devil. Golly - people must've thought I was being an insensitive asshole." Okay...very sincere, Pat. Unfortunatly, you mentioned the geograpgy of Haiti very accutatly BY NAME in your broadcast, so nice try but you knew exactly what you were saying.....But even more pressing...WHERE IS HADES? Are we suppose to believe that he meant the Greek Underworld or is there some far off small island named Hades which I don't know about. I can't find it on ANY MAP. Can someone please find it for me?

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    Pat Robertson has no integrity. He's a smarmy con man who cares for no one but himself.

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    Diamonds are Robertson's best friend


    On February 16, 1992, Zairian Protestants and Catholics held a demonstration asking for reform. Mobutu's troops opened fire on the demonstrators. Despite the bloody massacre that followed, coupled with criticism by the U.S. State Department, Pat Robertson was among the first in line to wine and dine with Mobutu in Zaire.

    Perhaps Robertson's financial gains are enough for him to ignore any humanitarian pleas for reform in Zaire. Not only does Robertson profit handsomely off of his tidy diamond-mining operation, but Mobutu also makes his own, more than satisfactory income, through his country's $300 million-a-year mineral trade. Although Robertson has supported a number of dubious causes, his relationship with a character like Mobutu is one that may lead to more questions than Robertson is willing to answer. The love (of money) relationship between Robertson and Mobutu may leave Robertson's associates feeling a bit more than uncomfortable.

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    One of Pat Robertson's Latest Frauds


    In April, 1997 two pilots who worked for Operation Blessing charged that planes linked to Robertson and his ministry flew mostly to haul equipment for ADC's private diamond operation. Robert Hinkle, the chief pilot told reporter Bill Sizemore that of about 40 flights within Zaire during the half-year period he was there, "Only one or at most two" were related to the humanitarian mission of Operation Blessing. The rest were "mining-related."

    "We got over there and we had 'Operation Blessing' painted on the tails of the airplanes, Hinkle told the Virginian-Pilot, "but we were doing no humanitarian relief at all. We were just supplying the miners and flying the dredges from Kinshasa out to Tdshikapa."

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    Pat Robertson And Diamonds

    Televangelist Robertson's Humanitarian Planes Used For Diamond Mining Firm


    Zaire was a hot topic on "The 700 Club," Robertson's daily religious TV show, with regular reports in in 1994 on the work done by six Operation Blessing volunteer medical teams sent to help refugees from Rwanda.

    During one broadcast in December 1994 Robertson showed snapshots taken on a trip to Zaire. The newspaper said Robertson didn't tell viewers the airstrip was built so planes could bring in mining equipment.


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    Pat Robertson is a grade A certified whackaloon. The sooner he decides to be quiet, the better.

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