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What are some reasons AGAINST euthanasia (Assisted suicide)?

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    It's important to remember that assisted suicide is not the only form of euthanasia; decisions by family members or medical personnel to withhold medical treatment, food or water from people in comas or people who are designated as terminally ill are also forms of euthanasia. All represent a rejection of the value of human life. They also represent the beginning of the slippery slope: if assisted suicide is allowed when a person is terminally ill, how long will it be before suicide when terminally ill becomes a duty? Or suicide when one does not have enough money to pay medical or nursing home bills? Or until someone can be killed because the cost to the community to keep him alive is too great? Who will make these decisions? Family is not always uninterested, nor is government, nor is medicine. I would not care to be an elderly cancer patient under the care of a physician who had the power to euthanize me.

    There have been many studies that show that people who are terminally ill are most afraid of pain, and might not want to commit suicide if their pain could be controlled. This is something that can be done in a majority of cases today and pain management will probably improve in the future.

    Assisted suicide for depression seems to me to be totally wrong. Depression is a treatable disease. The hopelessness that leads to suicidal thoughts is a symptom of the depression, not a reasoned judgment by a person in full mental health.

    Certainly there have been many heartwarming stories of people who helped family members commit suicide in the face of illness where this was the expressed wish of the ill person. I would guess that there are an equal number of stories of people who were hurried out of life by a family member greedy for an inheritance. I don't think that either of these behaviors will stop, but I think it is very bad to make assisted suicide a public policy. All human life should be valued, or none will be.

    Source(s): Pain control American Medical Association statement on assisted suicide search euthanasia pain control
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    i'm thinking approximately it! a million) people would desire to have the superb to verify over their very own lives and their very own bodies, as long as they do no longer injury all of us else! And thus they do no longer. 2) We already provide different species euthanasia, so why might we refuse helping our fellow people who ask for it?! If a dogs suffers, we placed it down. If someone who's terminally ill suffers, we stress them to maintain suffering?! How does that make experience?!? it fairly is thoroughly inhumane in my view!! 3) people who're going to die deserve a worth demise with as little discomfort as achievable. And if demise is already inevitable for them, what difference might it make to maintain them alive for some greater weeks and/or months in the event that they are already terminally ill, and that they opt to take the straightforward way out? additionally it would save society money and supplies. as properly, it fairly is bigoted that some sufferers could have the skill to commit suicide on their very own, while others, who're caught in a wheel chair working example, will commonly no longer have that possibility! equivalent rights for all!! however of path i'm virulently antagonistic to people finding out for others no count if or no longer they'd desire to have euthanasia. all of us would desire to have the skill to verify for themselves, no longer something much less, no longer something greater! as this is my tackle it, in reality.

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    hmmmmmmm. Most suicidal people are very unstable, and dont think of the consequences of death. they dont realize that nothing changes when you die. your dead. and you will always remember. also depression can be treated through therepy and medicine. also you cant reverse it. no second chances.Euthanasia is a rejection of the importance and value of human life

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    I am not against it, but I think it can be selfish because many people done realize how their death will negatively affect there loved ones.

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    Well, the Catholic Church are opposed to it, and so are their small-minded, conservative followers. I'm sorry I can't give you more reasons, I was born plain ignorant and I'm living in the noughties, where stupidity is in fashion.

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