Full Body Scanners at Airports ?

I've read an article today that was talking about Full Body Scanners being used mandatory at airports, 15 major aiports already have them. And the scanner basically takes a picture of your body naked and someone in another room looks at your picture and sees if theres anything on you. But as I read on people who work with the scanners say that the pictures are so detailed you can see the sweat on a persons back, fake limbs, implants and body piercings. The company that makes the machines said they are indeed capable of saving and transferring the images unlike what the airport tells you. And that if you refuse to go thru one your only option might be a strip seach, depending on the airport.

Isnt this all an invasion of privacy and going against the 4th amendment!? I wouldn't want some guy to see me or my 8yr old daughter naked. I find this all quite disturbing. And the statement below is by one of the people who work with TSA [Transportation Security Administration].

"They've done a bunch of very slick promotions where they show people going through the devices. And then they reassure people, based on the images that have been produced, that there's not any privacy concerns. But if you look at the actual technical specifications and you come to understand that these machines are capable of doing far more than the TSA has let on."

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    10 years ago
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    ...all part of Hysterical America feeling so unsafe - like a bunch of screaming girls at a Halloween Party. That's what America has become.

    You can thank the Republicans for most of that since all these weirdo laws and procedures were products of 9/11 hysteria. Li'l Bush and his Dick saw that they could hire all their worthless right wing friends to bully people at airports and the boarders.

    Kiss America good-by!

  • 10 years ago

    From what I understand about the full body scanners,

    1) they are done in another, separate room.

    2) the person escorting you in is not the same person who scans your body.

    3) the person scanning you does not see your head (nor who you are).

    4) they only see an image, not all that detail you describe.

    Plus, after doing this all day, who is going to even care what the heck anyone looks like? I would think they'd get a little jaded to it and not really get that excited about any one particular individual.

    If it really was a 4th amendment violation, it would already be a big deal with many lawsuits and it'd be all over the news. It's not, so you're probably getting all worked up over something that is not a big deal. Relax. If it bothers you that much, you can always take the train or ship, or rent a private jet.

  • 10 years ago

    if you looked a little bit harder you would find that persons under a certain age are not required to go through these scanners

    frankly, i wouldnt care. so a few airline employees see me naked. if that means i get to go on a plane without worrying about it getting blown up by some psyco who stuck explosives up his butt, then ill let a few airline employees see me naked. im willing to bet the vast majority of airline employees are not the kind of sick pervs who will sit around oggleing these pictures.

    this also begs the question, how much different is this than a doctor seeing you naked? would you let a doctor see you naked if it was a legitimate part of keeping you healthy and safe?

    and just so you know, im not some paranoid whack job. planes are still statisticly very safe. we only here about the crashes and attempted bombings, because "yet another plane landed safely today" does not make for good news. but the fact of the matter is, previous security measures are failing. the only choice is to step it up a bit.

    and unfortunatly, at airports, you really never had as many rights as you might think. your choices are put up with security and regulations, or dont fly. especially if you happen to be flying internationally where different countries have different rules

  • 10 years ago

    No, it doesn't go against the 4th amendment. If you don't want to be searched, you don't have to be.

    Why are people so against a trained professional seeing a faint outline of their genitalia? Who cares? Your name isn't attached to it, your face isn't attached to it, it's just a light shaded image of a human body. So it's ok to strip an infant naked in a public place to change a diaper, but to let a professional see an x-ray image of the outline of their body is unacceptable? I don't follow.

    This is one of the better ideas that have come up in regards to airport security, and any security for that matter. It's efficient and effective, and along with everything else we are doing, would make it extremely difficult to get prohibited items on an airplane, all with a minimal change in convenience.

    I'm all for it, personally.

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  • 10 years ago

    what would you rather prefer? A body scanner that scans a whole image of a body to detect explosives? or a person that can get through scanners easily with explosives concealed where detectors cant pick them up? (the soles of shoes for instance)

    i don't know about you but i would prefer the body scan. Who cares if a security guard sees a silhouette of my body?

    for the record, i read that it's only people who are pulled aside for secondary screening who are required to go through these body scanners or as an alternative, they can also be pat down.

  • ken k
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    10 years ago

    take a break/the guy doing the scanning never gets to see the actual person/he is remote/looks like a drawing of the person only accurate/like watching cartoons of a kind/actually pretty boring after the first 6 or 7/best way and least invasive of privacy/if that guy had got his underwear lit and the baby came down with you and your 8 year old screaming for the few minutes you would not be better off

  • Dmitri
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    10 years ago

    I understand your pain. But the scan is fairly brief and they don't get a real picture of you. It is basically like an x-ray at a hospital. I am sure that the TSA doesn't hire people who would do inappropriate things when they see the pictures. The fact is, this is important to make sure that another bomb doesn't make its way onto another one of our planes. The brief scan is nothing compared to the grief of losing someone to a terrorist attack. Besides, what are they going to do with an x-ray? It is not like they get to see anything more than an outline of your private parts. I am sure that your daughter won't understand what is going on anyways if you don't tell her. If you must, tell her that the scanner is there to make her laugh as it spins around her. I'm sorry that you have to go through this.

  • Pat
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    10 years ago

    I say let doctors be the ones administering the scans. Unless you have a problem letting a doctor see you or your daughter naked, in which case you'll have to drive. Additionally take away the "save" and "transfer" functions because if they're not using them, they don't need them.

  • If you do not like all the body searching, then do not go to the airport. No one is forcing you to fly, and flying on an airplane is not an inalienable right. Take a train or a bus instead.

  • Peter
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    10 years ago

    well, its a pity that we have to use these measures, but what would you prefer, being scanned and having a safe journey, or not being scanned and being blown up ?

    sad fact of life, but its a dangerous world out there now with these religious freaks.

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