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Who gets your vote? Jay Leno or Conan O'Brien?

By that I mean, who IYO is funnier? If they'd be directly competing against each other, whose show would you watch? Who are you more loyal to?

Personally, Jay Leno gets my vote. He is funnier and he makes me laugh more (Conan and his antics are more crazy than funny, IMHO). The current circumstances are unfortunate for both, of course, but this is hardly Leno's fault. Blame NBC, but not Jay.

So what is your opinion on this?

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    As a talk show host, I have to say Leno. But as someone who'd keep the jokes flying amongst friends, I'd say Conan.

    As harshly as Conan supporters are bashing Leno for his "unfunniness", I think the demographics still favor Leno.

    So while Conan loyalists might find Leno unfunny, there's an awfully large number of people who find Conan annoying.

    Leno simply appeals to a wider audience and NBC has to go with their biggest drawer.

    To me, Conans humor parallels movies like I Heart Huckabees and The Life Aquatic. Both had a huge cult following but didn't score very well with the US public as a whole.

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    If one or the other... well it's hard to say-

    man on the street bits: conan

    headlines is very funny

    cooking bits on leno are just uncomfortably embarassing IMHO- ok leno you don't know how to cook because you think you're too "manly" suuure- don't ruin the entire segment because you're like a two-year old around kitchen utinsels

    I think conan has better guest draw than leno, because he's more fun and not contrived "manly dumb"

    Andy Richter is one of the best parts about Conan

    how about dump both leno and conan and give Richter his own show

    I think that would be more intelligent yet more edgy and oddball

    or how about Joel Hodges from the original mst3k? ;)

    side note: please take late late w Jimmy Fallon off the air- he's the only one ever laughing and they have terrible writers

    I thought it would just take a couple weeks for him to get up to speed, contrary- he's a screeching halt

    how about the guy from Talk Soup? He could go beyond the video clip bits, and his other primetime show kindof fizzled

    another option: the brit guy with glasses on Colbert

    until something changes I've moved to Kimmell

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    Jay Leno - palms down! I heard someplace that Conan became into meant to take over for Leno, while Leno retires ... the night he does - would be the final night that I EVER watch the this night instruct! i won't be able to stand Conan ! extremely, i like Craig Ferguson extra constructive than the two certainly one of them!

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    Jay Leno I mean he is a real entertainer Conan is a Cry Baby, I hope NBC Fires him after He pull this stunt on them I won't do the 12:05 AM slot He is asking to be fired.

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    Conan is an arrogant, juvenine imbecile. Leno gets my vote and I'll get to quit watching Nightline since right now it's the best in that time slot.

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    Jay Leno. Better monologue and sketches. Conan's sketches are terrible! His monologue has six bad jokes for every fun joke.

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    They're both pretty funny. I agree that it isn't either of their fault. Although I personally feel slightly more badly for Conan...

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    I think Jay is a little bland... and I like Conan...

    but in the end, Jay had his run, let Conan have his...

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    Jay by a landslide, but even Jay is no match for Johnny Carson.

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