If god sent earthquakes to Haiti,why do the bible belt states in U.S.A get more natural disasters ?

Most Tornadoes and hurricanes happen in the bible belt states like kansas etc,so if god is cursing Haiti does that mean he is cursing The southern states ????

States like Nevada which has Las Vegas sin city get basically no natural disasters compared to the southern states.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    It mostly depends on the geographical location of the country. Islands for example are more likely to have tsunamis and hurricanes. It's more fact than biblical.

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  • 3 years ago

    God does no longer try this at present and there is not any indication they are any further non secular than say persons dwelling in California. I even have lived in different states and now i'm interior the South west state. The North has floods and Arizona has droughts and warmth waves. California has fires, floods and earth quakes. Texas isn't element of the bible belt and has suffered drought, hurricanes and floods. most of the coast line of the Mexican Gulf has suffered hurricanes so no state is incredibly project unfastened. New Mexico replace into stated to be the main secure state from organic failures and this 12 months it tremendously much burned to the floor.

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  • maiya
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    1 decade ago

    some people are real stupid God do not send catastrophes to anyone why do people blame God for everything

    if you read the history of Haiti were the little Island is located

    you will find the reason do not be dense blaming God

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  • 1 decade ago

    I Shall Bring My Hand Against ALL Nations Who Have Forsaken Me

    From Letters From God and His Christ

    Home > Volume 7 > I Shall Bring My Hand Against ALL Nations Who Have Forsaken Me

    1/14/10 From God The Father - A Letter Given to Timothy, For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

    Question asked by Timothy: Lord, is the earthquake in Haiti part of Your judgment?

    [Answer from God The Father] From Haiti, also, have I removed My hand. For the multitude of their idols have I turned My face against them; and because of all these evils, done by their own hands, have I forsaken them in My anger.

    Therefore, grieve not over all these dead, for by no means does death have the last word... Rather, wail and pray for those who remain. Wail on the behalf of those who refuse Me, and double for those who continue to rebel against Me, says The Lord... For they shall suffer the full weight of My wrath against the nations.

    For I am The Lord and I have purposed...

    And I shall bring My hand, against ALL nations who have forsaken Me!

    For the nations of the earth do parade their whoredoms before Me, continually... Greedily committing every sin which I hate, even to the practicing of every abomination, to their own hurt... Celebrating their filthiness in My sight. How long shall you tempt The Lord your God?!... I can no longer bear the sight of you. I have given you many days to repent, yet you only increase in your rebellion against Me... Putting every kind of evil for good... Quickly covering every light sent to you, in where you have despised Me, so you may perform your fornications in the darkness... Wickedness overflows! It is NOT hidden! Therefore...



    You are fallen! Woe to you!

    Woe to the peoples of the earth! I am against you!...

    You are forsaken for a time.

    And the Day is come upon you,

    Where I shall stretch out My arm...

    And city by city shall be brought down,

    And all mighty men shall be brought to ruin...

    Where every idol shall be broken and shattered to pieces...

    For the time of recompense has come,

    And it shall continue until the consummation...

    Says The Lord...

    He who stands and shall judge the earth.

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