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I wanna know if i would look right wit a hair cut.?

I been growing my hair for a while and now getting ready to go to the air force. I know i have to get my hair cut but i wanted to know if people think i would look right wit it cut. These are pics of me

and my music video. i dont have my hair tied back in this. this is a better view.

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    You will probably look a lot better than most of the other guys with the extremely short haircuts they are currently issuing new recruits at Lackland, basically a total clipper shave to the scalp. After Basic Training, these are the Air Force grooming standards, contained in AFI 36-2903:

    Hair, Overall Standard(M & W)

    Will have/be:

    clean, well-groomed and


    Will not:

    contain excessive amount of

    grooming aids, touch

    eyebrows. Hair color/

    highlights/frosting (must not

    be faddish). Examples of

    natural looking for human

    beings, Blonde/Brunette/


    EXCEPTION: May be

    visible in front of women's

    flight cap.

    Hair Style (M)

    Will have/be:

    a tapered appearance on both

    sides and back, both with

    and without headgear. A

    tapered appearance is one

    that when viewed from any

    angle outlines the

    individual's hair so that it

    conforms to the shape of the

    head, curving inward to the

    natural termination point.

    Block cut permitted with

    tapered appearance. Cleanly

    shaven heads, military

    high-and- tight, or flat top

    haircuts are authorized.

    Will not:

    be worn in an extreme or fad

    style or in such a way that

    exceeds length or bulk

    standards or violates safety

    requirements. Protrude

    below the front band of

    properly worn headgear.

    Touch the ears and only

    closely cut or shaved hair on

    the back of the neck may

    touch the collar. Exceed 1 1/

    4 inches in bulk, regardless

    of length and exceed 1/4 inch

    at the natural termination

    point. Contain or have any

    visible foreign items

    attached to it.

    Wigs and Hairpieces(M & W)

    Will have/be:

    must meet AFI requirements

    (safe, functional,

    professional for all). In

    conformance with the same

    standards required for

    natural hair, be of good

    quality, and fit properly.

    Will not:

    exceed limits stated for

    natural hair. Worn by

    personnel engaged in aircraft

    flight line or in-flight

    operations. For medical

    justification related to

    baldness (See note 5).

    Hairnets (M & W)

    Will have/be:

    worn as required for health

    and safety reasons. Made of

    cotton or a synthetic

    material; be of a

    conservative, solid color

    similar to the individual's

    hair color, be strong enough

    to support and control hair;

    and contain no metal


    Will not:

    be worn when not

    performing related duties.

    Mustache (M)

    Will have/be:

    neatly trimmed.

    Will not:

    extend downward beyond

    the lip line of the upper lip or

    extend sideways beyond a

    vertical line drawn upward

    from both corners of the

    mouth. (See line 8 Below).

    Beards (M)

    Will have/be:

    Will not:

    be worn except for health

    reasons when authorized by a

    commander on the advice of

    a medical official. If

    commander authorizes,

    members will keep facial

    hair trimmed not to exceed 1/

    4 inch in length. Individuals

    granted a shaving waiver will

    not shave any facial hair.

    Commanders and

    supervisors will monitor

    progress in treatment to

    control these waivers. (See

    note 5).

    Sideburns (M)

    Will have/be:

    neatly trimmed and tapered

    in the same manner as the

    haircut. Will be straight and

    of even width (not flared)

    and end in a clean-shaven

    horizontal line.

    Will not:

    extend below the lowest part

    of the exterior ear opening.

    (See line 8 Above).

    Good Luck!

  • 4 years ago

    Mine suggestment be 2 letcher hares advance outen yer ears, end string it down acrossed yer face, up into yer nostrils. Jes' stuffit up in dare reel tight. don't be coloring nuttin', in basic terms leave it widespread or you will look ridiculous.

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