How does one get started in affiliate marketing?

I'm interested in trying out affiliate marketing. Is it real? Or is it just another Internet scam? If it's real, what is the best way to start out? The more detail you can offer the better. Looking for real genuine advice. Posts relating to sales pitches or attempting to get me to purchase something will be promptly removed. Thanks.

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    Hi if you are like me and are new to this sort of thing you will find every one is trying to sell you something that's the name of the game you have to pick your self a mentor and stick with it there are plenty of them out there just have little faith and try pick one

    there are a few that are worth a look

    good luck

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    It is real yes and it does work and many people do it.

    Find a micro-niche and I will explain that:

    Football would be a market, Football Boots a major niche, Red Football boots a micro niche

    You need to find something where you can compete and still make money by selling an affiliates product. There is quite a bit involved and you do need to be patient.

    I would recommend getting your own domain and hosting solution. A domain costs about $10 and hosting about $6 a month so low set-up costs. Then write some keyword based pages and sign up with a few affiliates and start to make some revenue.

    There's quite a bit to this so have a look at my free help blog. On here you will never be charged for anything and it is full of advice, because I was once like you.

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    It's certainly the most common way people get started, often their first sales are through clickbank which has over 8000 active products and some 100,000, the high commission for digital products, commonly 50% is quite attractive. It takes no special skills to loose money in affiliate marketing, finding a winner can be a trial and error process. More advanced CPA networks want verify your track record with a telephone interview, clickbank, or commission junction ( will sign up anyone. There's a lot of 'how to affiliate' tutorials available on clickbank, some are inexpensive and useful even if rehashed conventional wisdom. You first affiliate sale can be one of these packages bought for you by a friend.

    Here's a review of some free tools that turn clickbank's data feeds into trend graphs, useful for analyzing potential products.

    The safer approach is to build up a site with good free search engine traffic, or building a mailing list of customers to whom you can repeatedly offer products.

    Those in a rush can try paid advertising, this was a breeze 5 years ago before direct linking restriction and landing page quality scoring, it's tougher now, with higher competitive prices and more rules to find a profitable combination. Some failing PPC marketers would probably make it, if it weren't for click fraud sending margin killing worthless traffic. The FTC's recent reiteration of their rules in affiliate marketing language has tempered some of the exaggeration and fake endorsements too often used.

    A conventional wisdom taught by the gurus is to copy what works, clickbank ads that run for weeks at a time are likely to be profitable examples, you can gain some insight to company running the campaign with tools like spyfoo.

    Some of the machinery put in place for affiliate marketing can later be used to market your own more profitable original product.

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    One of the most reputable affiliate marketing forums out there is 5star and if you're new to the whole thing you could do a lot worse than pay them a visit. The forums are full of affiliate marketers of all levels of knowledge and ability but it's well moderated so you won't get people trying to sell to you every time you post :-)


    Affiliate marketing is not a "scam" as you put it but neither is it a guarantee of riches - it takes work and knowledge but it is a reputable and well established model for making money online which is why there are thousands upon thousands of affiliate marketers today.

    When you say you are interested in trying it out, just be prepared for a steep learning curve :-)

    Good luck


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    1 decade ago

    No the internet affiliate marketing is for real.I have used it before, one time i bought a $50 adword voucher for $40 and so i used it to get traffic to my site. It worked very well and i am still using vouchers today for different affiliates.

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