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When I insert the Install disc, to reset my MAC OS X password, will it delete or erase what already on?

I have to reset my admin password because i forgot my login password. I have the disc but im concerned. When i insert the install disc to reset my password will anything on my mac be deleted or erased??? Thanks!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    If you don't select anything that very obviously has the word "Erase" or "Partition" in it, you won't erase anything. Apple doesn't plant any secret land mines to trip you up and destroy all your data.

    As far as OS 9 presenting an admin password, it would never ask for any password for anything while booted to the install disc, just as OS X doesn't ask for any password while booted to the install disc. Whatever you select will take place, if it can possibly take place.

    I read one person's question in this forum where he erased everything without realizing it was happening, but I think he wasn't at all able to understand even the simplest terms, such as "Erase".

    You don't reinstall OS X to recover a password. You simply click on the "Utilities" menu and choose "Reset password". All that does is open a utility application that can make changes to a file called local.nidb (the netinfo databse). UNIX (Mac OS X is built on UNIX) uses a database for strict control of local and network login.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Hi Cris

    That is a very likely issue i would say.

    any install disk is going to install itself and having recently installed an operating system on an old G4

    apple with Mac os9 that was one thing that i found out.

    it formatted the whole disk before asking for an admin password.

    there must be another way consult the apple techs on this one.

    Source(s): Consult the experts on this one.
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  • micko
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    4 years ago

    i do no longer own a Mac anymore, yet as quickly as ingredient that does artwork (if reinstalling is all you have have been given), deploy OS X to a 2d partition or rigidity and reproduction over your archives from the previous deploy (all your significant archives). Then in simple terms format the previous partition and resize the recent one to take in the area.

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