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我要做功課...搵左D POINT 唔識轉反英文...大家幫幫手幫我盡釋呀,,><







例如利用電影,製作一些關於環保的電影,就如明日之後(the day after tomorrow),絕世天?(armaggedon),2012......












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    1) If there is a creation, there must be an obliteration as well.

    2) Because of the greed and craving for convenience, people design some products which are convenient for themselves yet it’s detrimental to the nature. For example, hair spray and air conditioner.

    3) People continue to fill up the sea because of economic development. This act will not only destroy the sea bed, but to affect the biological lives in the ocean as well.

    4) Continue to cut the trees in order to obtain greenhouse effect.


    4) 5) Carry out education programs about environmental protection, that will enhance people to protect the nature further.

    5) For example, make some movies about environmental protection, such as “The Day after Tomorrow,” “Armaggedon,””2012,” and etc.

    6) To control the scope of logging.

    7) Monitor all kinds of pollution problems.

    8) For example, control the disposition of the dirty water.

    If there is an ending of the world,

    9) Express oneself to your significant ones.

    10) Chitchat or play with friends.

    11) Pray by oneself.

    12) Blizzard in China .

    The temperature of the United States had dropped to 22.3 degrees.13) The ice layer melts in the North Pole, so that the temperature of the sea increases.

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    1) has the creation to have perishes

    2), because the humanity is greedy for a while and is convenient for a while, invents some to facilitate itself, but loses the nature the goods, for example has the eruption medicinal preparation, the air conditioner

    3), for the economic development, the human unceasing grave sea, one destroys the sea bed, two affect the marine life

    4) to fell the pavilion wood unceasingly, forms the greenhouse effect

    The solution

    5) carries out the environmental protection education, strengthens the humanity to the nature the protection consciousness for example use movie, manufactures some about the environmental protection movie, like after tomorrow (the day after tomorrow), world day? (armaggedon),2012 ......

    6) limits the logging scale

    7) to supervise each kind of contamination concern

    8) for example the control sewage disposal

    if has the judgment day

    9) and the regard object vindicated that

    10) plans with the friend, plays

    11) to pray Moreover still has

    12) the Chinese storm,

    13) the American temperature lowers to the - 22.3 degrees

    14) the North Pole ice layer melts, sea temperature rise

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    1) There is created must have perished

    2) becauseHuman1:00 pm greed and convenience, the invention of some convenience items, but wear and tear of nature, such as hair spray, air-conditioning

    3) For the purpose of economic development, human constant grave sea, one to destroy the sea-bed, two to affect the marine life

    4) have been cutting wood pavilion to create the greenhouse effect


    5) the implementation ofEnvironmental ProtectionEducation, strengthening of human nature protection awareness

    For example, the use of films, producing films on the environment, as The Day After Tomorrow (the day after tomorrow), ingenious days? (Armaggedon), 2012

    6) limit the size of the logging

    7) monitoring the various pollution problems

    8) For example, control of sewage discharge

    if there are end of the world

    9) and mind objects confession

    10) Pour into account with friends, play

    11) himself a man to pray

    12) China snowstorms

    13) The United States temperatures as low as -22.3 degrees

    14) The Arctic ice melting, sea temperature rise

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