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[冷氣] Chilled Water Pump

請問在Chiller plant 中的水泵, 當中的End Suction Pump 和Split case Pump,有什麼 disadvantage 同 advantage 呢? 謝謝.

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    End Suction Pump

    Advantage: pump and piping arrangement save installation space.

    Disadvantage : difficult in maintenance as motor / pump coupling are to be dismamtled.

    Split case Pump

    Advantage: maintenance is easier as motor / pump coupling may not be required to be dismantled together.

    Disadvantage: acquires more installion space as pipes are connected on both sides, when grouped into paraller operation, they have to be arranged in a vertical array.

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    Split case Pump 和 end suction pump 的中文名稱?

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