Cell phone company...do I have ANY rights?!?

Okay so I have a tmobile sidekick and my contract ends in september 2010.

1) A few months ago, thousands of sidekick users lost all their contacts, pictures, text messaging capabilities. I didn't lose my contacts list but lost everything else. When that got fixed finally about 4 weeks later I never recieved any compensation. I read in the paper that Tmobile was compensating angry customers, however I never recieved a dime.

2) About 4 months ago NONE of my callers were able to reach my voice mail box, I called customer service multiple times and they threw me in the loop asking me to press buttons and rest my phone etc etc. I just got this fixed last night, now FINALLY people will be able to leave me voice messages.

3) on thanksgiving my phone gave out for no reason, the backlight just stopped working and i wasn't able to see who was calling, texting me etc etc. Tmobile sent me a free refurbished phone because I had a warranty.

4) About 8pm this evening, I was going to make a call. My device informed me that I had no network and gave me a different warning when I made a phone call, send a text, go online or sign into my ymess/aol servers. My phone calls didn't go through and obviously everything else didn't either and discovered that all my contacts, pictures, previous calls, my Faves list, ring tones..basically anything that I added to the phone was completely wiped out.

I ended up calling customer service, who was able to fix the problem in about 5 minutes...no problem I didn't sweat it.

5) At about 10 pm I went to make a call only to discover the same thing had happened again only this time my contacts list was normal. My faves and all my phone usage capabilities all dissapeared yet again.

To shorten this up, I called customer care and they tried to help me fix the issue again but this time it can't be fixed. She offered to send me a refurbished phone...which is what I have now and is acting up on me! I said no, I want a new phone, I don't want to go through this again. (I was actually really polite despite how frustrated I was, I know yelling and throwing a tantrum won't get me anywhere). She said the only other option is to do a trade in and cause i'm not allowed one yet I would have to buy a new phone on my own. I didn't want to do that and said I might just go ahead and cancel, if I'm going to buy a whole new phone I'm gonna go for a different company. So she sent me to another rep (she mentioned that he had better ability to bend the rules a bit)...well he wanted me to buy a new device of equivilant year as my phone for 60 bucks. When I first signed onto this stupid company, I didn't pay nearly as much for the phone!! I haggled and got a deal for my first phone.

He said there was nothing else he could do. I'm so frustrated. I just don't want to go through this again, to cancel it's gonna cost me 200 bucks. I feel like they're not providing me good cell phone service and that I either should get a new phone OR I shouldn't have to pay for the cancellation fee.

Do I have any rights here? I'm at a loss, and I'm not sure what to do.

Advice please?

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    call back..speak to a manager..explain the situation..see what they can do..if they still wont do anything ask for the corporate address/fax #/email to file a formal complaint in writing..make sure to get the managers name and user ID or extension or whatever he will give you..all big corporations have a department to handle escalated complaints like this

    also advise you will be forwarding your written complaint to the Better Business Bureau (BBB), Federal Trade Commission (FTC) , the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) and the state comptrollers office for whatever state you are in.

    it is ABSOLUTELY CRITICAL that you mention ALL of the above governing boards!!

    Alot of times companies and/or management will have policies and procedures in place that as soon as a customer mentions any sort of reporting action, its like a magic word and suddenly other options become available. When you speak to this manager and if it gets to this point, dont be an assh0le but be firm. Your tone of voice is everything and he has to know that you mean business and you will follow through with your threats if necessary.

    This isnt a guarantee that this will get you immediate results from the company, but if it doesnt make sure you really do follow through and send out those complaints in writing. If your complaint is sent to one of those commissions and it is forwarded to tmobile BY THAT COMMISSION then that takes things to a whole new level and most companies take that very seriously.

    Just remember..get names/departments/locations/operator ID's/extensions/phone numbers of whoever you talk to. These are anonymous call centers you are dealing with and may have multiple locations. Make everything in writing! Its taken much more serious.

    Start with a manager and go from there. You are right about not losing your temper. This is important. You catch more flies with honey. Good luck!! Hope this helps!

    Source(s): 10+ years working in customer service/call centers/escalations with Verizon - AT&T - Bank of America - Liberty Mutual Insurance - Farmers Insurance
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    okay first off, Take the replacement. If that one doesnt work get another one. In three replacement devices most carriers Waive your ETF (early termination fee)

    Source(s): Post Paid Retentions
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