what suburb is closest to city of chicago (Bridgeport)?

My Girlfriend and I are looking for a place to move in together but here the kicker we are looking for a place that will work for both of us She works in Mt. Prospect and I live and work in the city. So we are looking for a city or suburb that will work for the both us. So my Yahooians i need your help


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    Look at the Northwest Side: Jefferson Park and Portage Park are neighborhoods within the city, Norridge is NW of Chicago just outside the city. If you work downtown that would be about equidistant from your jobs, if you work in Bridgeport you'd be slightly farther. Go on wikipedia and search Chicago Neighborhoods, it'll give you a map and a detailed breakdown of the statistics and highlights of each neighborhood. Good luck.

    Source(s): Personal experience. Chicago native.
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    In my opinion, North of Kennedy hwy between Nagle av-Milwaukee av and Thouy av would be perfect. That area falls under Chicago and Park Ridge as well. First of all,it is very quiet,comparing to Norridge for example.Then,because your girlfriend lives in Mount Prospect, she would travel to this area much easier than anywhere else,south of Kennedy,having all those local streets to choose from(Northwest highway runs excellent) if Kennedy is packed,and she knows how traffic around O'Hare could be.

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