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Does putting my laptop to sleep, wastes energy anyways?

my laptop is new, however, when not plugged in, the battery endures not much time, about 1 hour 1.30 at maximum. I was wondering that if i only close the screen and put it to sleep, it wastes energy, but im not sure, because the laptops cannot be considered completely turned off.

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    Putting your laptop to sleep does 2 things:

    1. All devices except the CPU shuts down.

    2. The CPU consumes MUCH less power than it usually does to keep the data on RAM. So when you turn your computer back up, you can quickly resume back to work, since the CPU was still running, meaning the memory/processes were left intact. The Hard Drive spins very, very slowly or just completely shuts off.

    You're not really "wasting" energy if you're going to return to your computer soon. If you put your computer to sleep for, say, a day, then the energy to keep your CPU on was wasted. You should have just turned off the laptop.

    Hibernating is a different thing. Hibernate writes all the contents of the RAM onto the Hard Drive, then completely shuts down. CPU and all. Yes, the battery will lose energy, but hey, every battery very very slowly loses energy over time. Just the way it goes. When you turn back on the computer, it reloads the content from hard drive back to the RAM, which is a faster process than turning off the computer and re-turning it on. However, because the computer has to turn back on and read the hard drive (which is slow), hibernate is much slower than sleep.

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    Yes I put my Laptop to Hibernate and it doesnt waste energy but putting it to sleep does

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    No. Sleep mode is a "Low power" Consumption.

    It doesn't take as much power as when the computer is on.

    However, It does consume way less power than if the computer were on actually.

  • kmm333
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    Yup its still draining very slowly. To not have it waste energy, shut it down completely or hibernate it.

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    Any time the computer is on it uses energy. That also applys to all computers. The best is to trun off the computer.

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    It uses a small amount of power to allow you to wake the computer. It has to be able to detect keydowns and such. So, yes, it does use power.

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    Put it to sleep? are you using vista because if you use "sleep" mode on vista it basically saves everything you have opened to your RAM then turns off. so no if that's your case

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    Yea I think... If its still on its wasting energy.

  • Anonymous
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    If its plugged in a little

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  • Tony
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    it will use power any time it is on

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