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Does putting my laptop to sleep, wastes energy anyways?

my laptop is new, however, when not plugged in, the battery endures not much time, about 1 hour 1.30 at maximum. I was wondering that if i only close the screen and put it to sleep, it wastes energy, but im not sure, because the laptops cannot be considered completely turned off.

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    Your assumption is correct.

    When you close the lid to your laptop and it goes to sleep it is still using power from the battery to keep all of the data stored in your RAM current. This means documents in Word, Webpages and other temporarily stored data, is not deleted or lost.

    The easiest way to conserve the battery power of your laptop is to change the power settings located in the Control Panel (in the start menu) to laptop and turn down the brightness of the display (press and hold your function and look for the icon on the "F" keys that has a sun pointing down).

    And if your going to close the lid for a bit and come back to your work later have the computer go into Hibernation mode which can be activated in the Power Settings menu.

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    No. Sleep mode is a "Low potential" intake. It would not take as lots potential as whilst the computer is on. although, It does consume way much less potential than if the computer have been on extremely.

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    it waste a little energy but that that much.

    try to hibernate it. it won't use any energy while its off. and it will stay as it is when you hibernate it

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