2 nameless movies from 80's Help me name 2 movies I watched as kid in 80’s.I only membr fragments so bare w/me?

1st movie Might’ve been old horror movie. People gather @ house on a hill. I remember seeing a car driving along side of the mountain to get there. Might’ve been a pool scene with a woman swimming late at night & some1 turned on the pool cover while she was underwater trapping her letting her drown. Another scene with some1 bed bound, perhaps ill. There's a room divider/curtain up so u cant c who's on other side, think it was an older ill person.Plus I think there might’ve been something bout a ring.Maybe it was on his/her hand and it was scene when they grabbed one of the visitors arm.??

2nd movie: Jane Doe/Buried Alive movie.some1(kid maybe) walking in woods & finds a hand coming out of ground. lady buried alive, becomes Jane Doe & some guy(cop?) takes care of her & investigates.

That’s all I got. Please give me some titles if u can & I’ll check em out.1st right title/or 1 to lead me in right direction gets the points…thnks

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    1 The Legacy

    2 Jane Doe

  • Even this is a challenge for me.

    There was a scene in The Goonies where a girl steps and a hand like thing pops up from the ground.

    ill just start naming movies

    Cloak and Dagger, Labrith, Gabrage Pale Kids, Karate Kid, Revenge of the Nerds, PeeWees BIg Adventure, the guy who always says HEY VERN, Stand By me, Ghostbusters, Heahters, Adventures of babysitting, bettle juice, kindergarten cop,The Lost Boys, wood chip massacre, pet cemetery, aliens, the funhouse, reanimatar, Return of the Living Dead, the burning,Day of the Dead, Friday the 13th, jason, the shining.

    Source(s): I love the 80s
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