If Michael Jackson was in his early or Mid 20's do you think he would date...?

I know michael was a good looking fellow till his day of rest, R.I.P. Me and some fellow female fans, wonder who would he had been more emotionally attracted too, Kinkiest with, and made a better couple from this list. You can say one person for all categories, or individually. This is just a question if he was on his mid or early 20's and if he would have met them in their current state or a bit younger. Thanks

Tyra Banks

Serena Williams

Christina Aguilera

Lady Gaga

Whitney Houston

Mariah Carey


Jessica Alba

Jessica Beil

BoA (Korean singer dancer)

Utada Hikaru (japanese american singer songwriter)

Lucy lui

Heidi Klum

Cindy Crawford

Gina Gershon


Please make sure your answer relates to the question and state why on you choose who you did. Nothing gay or hateful please, people grow up.

MJ go!

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    firstly, mom and dad could desire to guard their daughter,no count number what she has carried out in the previous, 2d, 18, 19, 20 y.o. adult adult males in many cases have somewhat extra adventure than the young women no count number what you're saying they could have carried out in the previous . yet generic i think of you're exaggerating this somewhat, yet, a fifteen yo lady has no agency going out with an 18, 19, or 20 yo guy, she is underage, the guy isn't, sixteen yo extraordinarily lots a similar, yet 17 is close sufficient, if the mummy and dad have carried out a stable activity bringing them up, the believe ingredient could desire to be there, and if so, why might they suspect the girl would not do what's suitable? i think of generally there's a believe subject with the females and the mummy and dad, and that regrettably says they don`t experience they have carried out their activity, that's to coach their young ones to be waiting to make the suited judgements in existence. and each physique is conscious that there is yet a million ingredient on the minds of 18, 19, and 20 y.o. adult adult males, and that i guess you need to tell me what it rather is. so which you're asking why do mom and dad freak out in simple terms by way of fact a guy who desires to hump any lady each time everywhere, desires to take their daughter out on a date? Does`nt that sound like what the question could desire to be? You knew that from the beginning up by way of fact you suggested that maximum had already had intercourse with the aid of then, so why are the mummy and dad disturbing. till you may practice you arent there for the potential of scoring, you will could desire to submit with the freaking out mom and dad, sorry.

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    Tyra Banks

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    adam lambert

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