What to do in Detroit?

I'm going to Detroit in about 4 months for my birthday. I'm a big Red Wings fan and I love Eminem. I'm also interested in architecture and haunted houses. What do you suggest I do while visiting the 313?

Are there any museums I should look into? How about Motown? Anything significant having to do with Eminem that I could visit? What's downtown? Restaurants? Ice rinks? How should I occupy my time while visiting Detroit? Any info will be helpful, thanks

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    Downtown Detroit is a decent spot to go sightseeing. There's the Joe Louis, Cobo (Sports Hall of Fame & Ren. Center), Comerica Park, and the Detroit Opera House. Yes, there are many museums and galleries. One being the Detroit Historical Museum, I believe it's on Woodward. Another thing to look into is the Detroit Science Center, there are things there for all ages.

    Motown Historical Museum - http://www.motownmuseum.com/mtmpages/index.html

    Cobo - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cobo_Center

    Detroit Historical Museum - http://www.detroithistorical.org/

    Detroit Science Center - http://www.detroitsciencecenter.org/

    Detroit Symphony Orchestra - http://www.detroitsymphony.com/

    Restaurants - If you like deep dish pizza make sure you check out Pizza Papalis. Ever been to Greektown? There are *many* greek restaurants and bars there, definitely worth checking out if you are of age. Don't forget the casino!

    Pizza Papalis Menu - http://www.pizzapapalis.com/Menu.aspx

    Greektown - http://www.yelp.com/search?cflt=restaurants&find_l...

    Casino - http://www.greektowncasino.com/

    Ice Rinks - I recommend going to Campus Martius. I've been there before and loved going every time!


    Another thing - I'm not sure if it's open during the winter times (or anymore at all) but if you have time and really want to go sightseeing, take a round trip on the People Mover. There are stations all over Detroit and a round trip takes you all over, up in the air. It only costs like 50 cents per person and is definitely worth it! Check it out!


    If you're in town before April 11th, try to buy Wings tickets! April 7th is their last home game for the season.

    I can only post 10 links (that's all it allows), otherwise I'd post more. If you're interested you can also google Detroit sightseeing spots, but this is what I recommend. :)

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    You'll certainly see some interesting architecture in the city. The great Albert Kahn designed a lot of the buildings around the city, and some of them may even still be standing; such as the former General Motors headquarters on, I believe, West Grand Boulevard.

    If you have the time, visit the Detroit Institute of Arts.

    I don't know if there's anythimg Eminem-related to see yet, though I suppose you could at least take a drive on 8 Mile Road.

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    A Wings game is a must! Spend the money for the closest tickets it is worthwhile the action is terrific.

    The Detroit Institute of Art is in a bad area but it is well worth the trip. Of check then out online they are always showing rare exhibts.

    The downtown articuture is very bland and in a terrible area!

    I really think the Detroit Institute of Art are worth checking out along with with the Detroit Henry Musem for local history (auto, Rosa Park's historical bus, the car JFK was shot in, and the chair Lincolon with assinated in.

    Hope this helps,

    Mike Skavery

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