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what ab exercises can i do without equipment?

hello everyone! i was wandering what kind of ab exercises can you do without equipment? im only 17 and skinny. so it probably wont take long to get a six pack or anything. so umm...thanks for helping!

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    first pinch the skin around your ab should feel like you are pinching only your two layers of skin and very little fat...since you say you are skinny i imagine you want to build the muscles in the area and not lose fat but just a fact 11 percent body fat is where your six pack starts to around 8 so im ripped you should try to aim for 11 to can do cardio to lower your body are going to want to drink water though, losing water weight sweating is the illusion of being flex and feel the area around your abs if you can feel defined abs you just need to lose fat jump roping would do the trick so.would running if you can get to a pull up bar a couple of those would build your whole upper body muscles basically chin ups and the ones behind your back...upside down sit ups work too...regular sit ups are a waste of time if you have at least four because the bottom ones will never come...if you like the advice and choose mine as best i can answer any other questions just email me i can also send you examples of the exercise...

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    Try sit ups or lying on the floor and raising you shoulders and legs until it feels like your stomach is shaking and holding it there for a while. And it will still take a long time to get a 6 pack, and probably longer if you have no fat on you to change into muscle.

  • ok well lay down on ur back and put ur legs in the air then put ur hands behind ur head and start doing crunches but don't put ur legs down, also lay on ur back the put ur legs straight out in front of u but not on the ground then count to twenty and without putting ur legs on the ground slightly move them up keep doing this until ur legs are straight up in the air towards the ceiling and then move ur legs back down then u can put ur feet on the ground and start over... good luck :)

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