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how much does it cost to replace a bicycles components?

i own a specialzed road bike with a pretty good alloy frame. but the components on the bike are pretty much usles now. instead fo buyign a whole new bike i was swondering if would be cost effective to just replace the components. btw the bike im looking to buy costs about 1300 dollars.


hahah no im buying th bike myself this will nto be a gift from my parents or anyone. the reason i was askign about replacing the components is becasue i want to upgrade to 105 from sora components. and i just for some reason assumed they were not sold seperatly

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    Just replace what needs replacing, components don't wear out all at the same time.

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    Good components can last for many years of riding, yours may not be as useless as you think. Without knowing more about the age and component level on your bike it is difficult to make recommendations, but replacing all the components on a bike can be costly, especially if you have to have the work done by a shop. It may be that only a couple of parts on your bike need changing, chains, brake pads, cables, and cassettes are the most common items needing replacement. Brake calipers, shifters, wheels, and derailleurs last for many years without needing replacement. Putting a whole new component group on an old frame might well cost as much as a whole new bike, so if you are sure that you need to replace everything, better to buy a new bike.

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    they are ALL worn out>>?

    that doesn;t make sense

    most of them never wear out or break

    maybe brake pads and cables

    if it is true, then a new bike would be cheaper unless you get everything on ebay

    but it sounds like you want the answer 'just get a new bike' anyway

    is this so you can go show your parents 'see mom, they said get a new one'?


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