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What is the highest recorded HURRICANE wind speed ever?

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    Hurricane Camille (MS, 1969) broke the equipment at Keesler Air Force Base (home of the Hurricane Hunters) in Biloxi, MS when her winds reached somewhere around 205 to 210 mph. So we'll really never know just how high her winds were.

    Category 5 is as high as it gets. Maximum sustained winds over 155 mph are category 5. It is hard for the storms to maintain that kind of intensity for long lengths of time, so there really isn't any need for another category after 5.

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    On April 12, 1934 the highest surface wind speed ever to be recorded was observed at the observatory on the summit of Mt. Washington, NH. The wind speed was 231 mph. Here is a link to the journal entry of the meteorologists that were there:

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    I believe that it was hurricane Wilma with 185 mph wind speeds.

  • Officially it is Camille, with maximum gusts of 210 mph/340 kph

    Typhoon Paka unofficially recorded a gust of 235 mph/380 kph, but the anemometer was damaged...

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