2004 Toyota Tacoma TRD Prerunner ExtraCab Lift Question?

I'm looking to lift the front end of my 2004 Tacoma TRD Prerunner extracab truck but am a bit confused, hoping someone can shed some light on my issue for me.

I really just want to level out the front end with the rear or maybe a very slightly higher front end than rear. I'm looking at the King coil-over kit and it says it will provide 0"-2.5" of lift for the front end. My question has to do with the way the TRD Prerunners are 'lifted' from the factory in comparrison to the stock Tacomas. When the rating says 0-2.5", is that measured from the current height of the truck (assuming I get the correct part of course) or would that be measured from height of the "stock" trucks; meaning I'm only getting maybe something like -1.5" to 1" or so of drop/lift? I'm really only looking to fit a bit bigger tires and wont ever really push it hard in the dirt so wouldnt want to lift it much apart from this so I dont think it'll be a problem, I'd just like to get a better understanding of what's what.

Also, I've heard that the Bilstein 5100's make a good option for the rear shocks as opposed to shelling out another $700-800 for matching Kings out back and since I dont plan on doing any really serious off-roading... If anyone has any opinions on that choice I'd love to hear them as well. Thanks in advance!


Awesome answer Ralliart, thanks! I'm not actually wanting the front higher than the rear. It's about 1" lower than the rear as it sits now and I really just want to bring it up to level with the rear and put a slightly larger tire on it. This is also why I'm not lifting the rear end. I currently run the stock 265/70R16 size and want to step up a little bit to some 31" x 10.5" BFG's.

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  • 10 years ago
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    This a common question asked about the preruners in comparison to the base tacomas. You should receive an additional 2.5" of lift on top of the factory lift. The kings are an excellent choice as well as the bilsteins. Although lifting the front and not the rear will tend to throw your center of gravity off. If you are still unsure as to the maximum lift attainable on your specific model I would contact some King reps and inquire. This is based off of my experience with King and similar products. Are you planing on lifting the rear later on, or are you just liking that bro look :)

    Source(s): Owned 04 and 06 tacomas both with custom lifts
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