a writer who told rags-to-riches stories that promoted the worth of the individual?

1. a writer who told rags-to-riches stories that promoted the worth of the individual

2. major railroads

3. head of the American Railway Union who supported the Pullman strikers

4. people who oppose all forms of government

5. a means of communicating over wires by using electricity to send a series of dots and dashes

6. a violent labor confrontation in Chicago that began when a bomb was exploded among police officers, killing a number of them

7. inventor of the telephone

8. term for the intense strikes and violent labor confrontations of 1886

9. inventor who developed a lubricating cup that fed oil to a machine while it was running

10. one of the founders of Standard Oil Company

A Horatio Alger Jr.

B trunk lines

C Eugene V. Debs

D anarchists

E telegraph

F Haymarket Riot

G Alexander Graham Bell

H Great Upheaval

I Elijah McCoy

J John D. Rockefeller

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    You seem to have all the answers. (except for "trunk lines"..and in the correct order...what's the question?

    Some major railroads are:

    Union Pacific Railroad Co., of Omaha, Neb.; BNSF Railway Co., of Fort Worth, Texas; CSX Transportation of Jacksonville, Fla.; Kansas City Southern Railway Co., of Kansas City, Mo.; and Norfolk Southern Railway Co., of Norfolk, Va.


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