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Dying Hair with Red Hair Dye?

I want to dye my hair red but not the emo-ey kinda red and not the live! colour red,what other hair dyes do red?? plus my hair is really dark brown so im probably going to have to put a bleach on it first right?

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    How about not bleaching your hair at all it's not really healthy for you hair.

    OPTION #1: Dye it auburn it's a brownish red so it fit's to you cause I'm assuming your a brunette. Click the site for the different red's.

    OPTION #2: Here's a site with hair dye's of ALL colors and different products with the colors just in case you change your mind or want to start from scratch.

    But I highly advise you to take my first option

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    No u won't have to bleach it just go to the store find the red u like then look at the side of the Box look to see ur hair color and next to it is where it shows u how it will come out on u and there defiantly is that color because I used it before I believe it was by herbal Essentials.

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    if its near black and you can barely see the brown yea it will prolly be best to bleach it first. but you know what you can do is streak it with the red so you dont have to bleach your whole head.

    i suggest Splat Rebellious Colors Complete Kit, Luscious Raspberries Quick Look, it contains the bleach, peroxde, and coloring all in one.everything you need to get the look you want. its $10 at walgreens...lasts 6 weeks

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    Hi I wouldnt go for something too dark as the roots will be more noticeable. But how about an auburn or chesnut colour so that the roots will blends in or a light brown. If you look on the back of the dyes it will tell you the colour you will go if you are ginger

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    pretty much every box hair dye has red. from my experience garnier has the best colors.

    dont bleach it, go to a beauty supply store and get a lightener. it's a lot less damaging to your hair

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    you wont have to bleach it..

    I use herbashine.

    i dye my hair red ;) and i have brown hair naturally and its quite dark..

    i do suggest you do it semi- permanant first, then you know what it will look like!

    Source(s): I dye my hair red :)
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    You may not have to bleach it, it depends on the color really,

    I like this tone of red because it looks natural and sort, but it also depends on your skin tone :3

    You could try the color from Grace (From Will and Grace -I forgot her name)

    It looks very nice too

    I hope you find what you´re looking for,

    Best Regards,


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    I think blonde hair is actually sexiest, but brown hair can end up being really sexy too. Black hair is never sexy. It's just really dull and boring and flatters few complexions. Blonde hair looks best with blue eyes.

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