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Can anyone come up with a theory how liberals will blame the earthquake in Haiti on Bush?

I've several theories in my mind. 10 points to the most creative answer!

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    The earthquake was Bush's fault because of Bush's religious war against voodoo, the dominant religion in Haiti where zombies and zombie mythos first originated from. In the voodoo religion, it is believed that a corpse can be reanimated by bokors, who are sorcerers who practice both black and white magic. While this is purely speculation, there is a strong possibility that Bush went back to the roots of zombie folklore.

    Bush decided that zombies were a national security threat after playing Resident Evil 5 and one of his last acts in office was to hire Cheney's Death squads (code named Capcom) to bomb Racoon City, Which he believed to be a city in Haiti. The bomb set off the earthquake.

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    Theory...liberals don't need a theory or even facts to blame Bush!

    Just look at all the things they continue to blame Bush for that have solid factual evidence that is was NOT his fault and yet they still blame him.

    With that said they will need NO theory of factual evidence of any kind, They'll just say it's Bush's fault.

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    Don't be ridiculous. Now, we all know they can't blame the quake on Bush. What Obama has done though is put aside his differences with Bush and hire him to help with the relief efforts. Now, when anything goes wrong with the relief he has Bush to blame. See how it works now.

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    Sure. Bush and Cheney were in Crawford barbecuing and getting drunk when Bush broke out his Bunker-Buster, a token from the Pentagon, and Cheney fired it off in the direction of Haiti.

    That's one idea for a theory.

    I hear there may be 4,000 dead. I hope the U.S. sends allot of aid. I just sent some.

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    You're mistaken. It wasn't Bush that controls the weather and natural disasters. It was Cheney. It's ALWAYS been Cheney. HE'S the one who secretely built the Weather Dominator with help from Cobra Commander and Destro to force poor people into submitting to his will. Bush was just the mask to cover the whole diabolical scheme.

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    It does not have to be proved even!

    "Bush woke up and got out of bed this morning."

    Good grief Scot, have a sense of humor will you?

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    No one is going to blame the earthquake in Haiti on Bush.

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    Becasue of the Republican inc. Iraq war that Bush started we will not be able to help them as much as we want.

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    No. Frankly, I've been waiting all morning to see what neocon would blame it on Obama.

  • *looks at question*


    *Looks again*

    *Bursts out laughing*

    Talk about freaking reaching!

    This is just so impossible ignorant and stupid.

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