My ferret keeps itching is it bad?

She is 3 year old jill, and has been rehomed by myself. Along with the other two, slinky in particular has a different history. she was abused by previous owners, with 5 grape and pea sized burns from a cigarette on her skin. Therefore there is some bald spots. Other than that she is fine, but recently i have noticed her itching a lot more. she is not as playful as the others, and is a bit heavier than them, as she eats a healthy amount but doesnt relly burn it off! She has begun to play more and is more confident, but it seems that whenever she does play or run around she starts nibbling and itching. Reacing her whole body round and nibbling her under carriage sides, and under her chest area.

Could this be linked with the burns - which are healed and have been for a long time - or is it winter coat problems, or the soft hay i use in their play area?


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    it could be due to the burns and her mistreatment. I'd have her looked at by a ferret savvy vet. I have four girls that are sprites. They're all fixed and they're still itchy. Ferrets are naturally itchy animals. They scratch all the time.

    1. Check for fleas. I'm not saying you're "dirty" etc. Anyone can get fleas and I always make sure to check them all the time in the summer. I've brought them home before from someone else's house to my cat, and they can kill ferrets. If you find them. Take her to a vet, and try and get as many off as you can.

    2. It could be mites. Again see a vet. I've never had a problem involving mites

    3. you said she's a jill. maybe have her fixed. If i'm not mistaken sprites are altered female ferrets. It could have to do with her being unaltered.

    4. She might be very oily. My girls don't get baths in the winter. Its been freezing and having dealt with a bad cold run through all four, I'm avoiding a bath until spring. They don't smell too great, and they seem to get itchier. I'm waiting for the first warm day in February. It seems the oilier their coats get the more they itch.

    I'm happy you rescued her. Not many want a rescue pet. My girl Rukia is 5-7 years old. She's an old wobbly girl that I think got stepped on at some point. She was very fearful when we got her, weighed under a pound, and was covered in feces on her feet. It took over a year for her to trust anyone, or learn how to play with a toy. But now after almost two years, she's letting out a dook here and there and LOVES to chase the other much younger four.

    Ferrets nibble, the scratch. Mine will flip upside down on themselves to scratch. I'd take her to a ferret vet just to be safe. Good luck! And I'm sure she's happy that you adopted her!

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    Ferrets scratch themselves a lot, even if there's nothing wrong - on the other hand, it could be fleas or a wide range of skin conditions that are prevalent among ferrets; so I'd recommend you take her to a vet to get an expert opinion.

    Well done for rehoming her, and not ending up in prison which is where I'd be if I found someone had treated a ferret like that.

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    ferrets itching is NORMAL!

    Check for fleas and mites and any other lil buggers that could make the itching worse! If your not sure bring em to a vet for a checkup.

    I would remove the hay too as it is a breeding ground for bacteria and a great home for all sorts of lil buggers like fleas/mites.....

    DO NOT!! DO NOT!!!! DO NOT!!!!!! BATHE your ferret more than 3-4 times a YEAR!!!! This will NOT help your problem but in fact make it worse!!!!!!!

    By bathing your ferret what you are doing is washing OUT all the Oils on her skin and coat so it actually DRIES OUT MORE!!! (when you get out the shower without using a moisturizer is your skin soft and subtle? No its DRY as the soap dries out your skin. Same concept the shampoo dries out their skin and washes out all the oil from their coat so excessive baths will worsen the situation NOT help it!) When a ferret is given a bath and all the oils are washed from its skin and coat the glands that produce the oil have to go into OVER drive to replenish the missing oils this will make the ferret SMELL MORE. There is NO benefit to Over bathing a ferret it just stresses them out, makes em smell MORE, and dries out their skin and coat causing MORE itching. Not what you want to put your lil girl through she has seen enough torture from her previous owners (they should have the same done to them only with a blow torch rather than a cigarette) and thank you for saving a fuzzy in need I hope you reported the previous owners to animal control or ASPCA

    Source(s): the forum section great for research or to ask questions or talk to ferret owners Ferrets for Dummies 2nd edition book its is the ferret bible GET IT! 4+ yrs pet shop manager/employee ferret owner
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    if you've read or heard much about ferrets,one of the biggest things you'll hear about is how they will stop any activity including playing eating etc just to scratch like they are having a fit.noone has ever found a definitive answer for this but trust me ALLferrets do it at some are a couple of really good feret links that can connect you w/ even more links to hopefully answer any and all questions,and lotsof stories to make you laugh.thank you for taking in abused fuzzies you are a wonderful person!!

    Source(s): owned byferrets for 25+ yrs,ran a shelter for 6+ and volunteered at shelters longer than i can think about
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    Ferrets will shed their coats and get new ones 4 times in the course of one year! Itching is very normal for them. But I do find when I don't get my ferret in the bath at least a couple times a month, best to do it once a week ...she gets alot more itchy than normal! Try holding her in one hand under warm running water in your bath and gently scrub her whole body. My ferret was opposed to the water at first but if you hold her right she actually seems to enjoy it now. Hope that helps a bit.

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    could be mites.... could be many things... best to bring her to a vet if you cant actually see the problem..... if she was abused, be happy she doesnt bite.... she will come around eventually... poor little peanut. You know, I will never get used to the fact there are so many animal abusers walking around on the planet... going unpunished, coaching or teaching our kids... they are everywhere.... in every profession and nothing ever happens to them..the good people are left picking up the poor animals and trying to repair them..... sometimes its shameful to be human

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    has she been checked for fleas and everything like that? does she have dry skin where she's itching?

    you can email me at

    with any other details if you'd like and maybe i can think of some other things.

    as far as the bedding goes, how has she been with that bedding? has she always kind of itched around it?

    Source(s): owner of three (:
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    its just dry skin

    im so sorry that happened to her !

    i could never do that to mine

    my little guy inches but he just has dry skin i give him a bath once a month and it fine but right towards the time its time for his bath he inches.

    God bless you for taking her in that's so sad !

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