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Ramadan. Why does the media even in Pakistan report Church burninngs by Muslims In Indonesia and Egypt?


Should not at least in Pakistan such news be banned?

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    Pakistan is a worst country than communism , they kill their own people to get the 72 virgins.

    And Indonesia is a sex production area country, most of the islands are doing prostitutions for living.

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    No, the Pakistani media is biased because it's completely owned and operated by the Evil Fox News and their rich republican fat cats. The poor Pakistani wish they had free news but Rush Limbaugh is there and he's so talented at martial arts that he lays down a vicious Fundie beat down to any poor Pakistani police/military who dare defy him. So you see, it's all Fox news and the republicans. Or maybe they report it b/c they're celebrating it, dancing in the streets, that kind of thing.

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    Pakistan has free media as well as some government controlled media. Most of it is free.

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    You're complaining because they ARE reporting it? Could be, they're trying to be impartial. Or it could be they are trying to incite similar acts in Pakistan.

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    Its Malaysia. And it is because the so called "Malaysian Muslims" are going against Islam because they are denying God, and harming Christians. They are heretics so let it be known.

    Source(s): Arab Muslim
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